• Q1: What to do if there is abnormality or no image when HD camera is connected to DVR?2020-11-16
  • 1. It may be the DVR recognizes the input signal source incorrectly and needs to plug and unplug the BNC cable again.

    2. It may be the problem of coaxial line, so the coaxial line needs to be replaced

    3. The DVR may not support the input source of the coaxial HD camera (including signal mode, resolution, frame rate). It is necessary to switch the signal mode to CVBS through the five-way switch of the camera, and then switch to the correct input source through the OSD menu of the camera.

  • Q2: How to call coaxial HD camera menu?2020-11-16
  • 1. Call through UTC function of DVR

    2.  Call through the five way switch of the camera

  • Q3: Output selection of analog signal and coaxial signal.2020-11-16
  • The camera supporting coaxial signal switching to analog signal will have a five way switch as shown in the figure. If analog output is required, press the set key for 5 seconds to switch the source to CVBS. If there is no five way switch, the camera only supports coaxial signal output.

  • Q4: Can coaxial cameras be transmitted by twisted pair?2020-11-16
  • The twisted pair is used to tranmit HD signal, and the picture is easy to be disturbed, it is not recommended to use twisted pair to transmit HD signal.
  • Q5: How to deal with the interference when the coaxial HD camera is connected to DVR?2020-11-16
  • HD signal belongs to high definition signal, which is more susceptible to interference than common CUBS signal

    1. Confirm whether the power line and BNC line are in parallel, so that the AC (220V and above) will affect HD signal, and separate the pipe

    2. Bypass the interference source;

    3. add jammer, reduce interference

    4. It is recommended to transmit the signal through optical fiber

  • Q6: What is the use of the joystick on AHD camera?2020-11-16
  • You can use the joystick (five buttons) attached to one of the camera wires/lines to access the OSD menu of the camera. You can switch the control keys, function keys, check and set parameters of the camera


    Please note the OSD Menu will only show up on the monitor if the video signal of the camera matches the video signal of the DVR it is connected to.

  • Q7: What is the longest transmission distance of HDMI?2020-11-16
  • The longest transmission distance of HDMI is usually 15 meters.
  • Q8: Which video signal format can be supported by AHD cameras?2020-11-16
  • You can select four video signal format in AHD : Auto, TVI, AHD, CVI

    Comparison table(For reference only)

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