Intelligent Substation

Solution Introduction

Sunell integrates intelligent analysis technology with thermal measurement technology, and takes the lead in introducing the solution of intelligent temperature measurement and warning system for substation in China. The solution is composed of temperature measurement warning platform, intelligent analysis camera and temperature screening camera. It can not only detect and warn the key equipment of substation, such as transformers, indoor distribution room equipment, converter valve hall equipment, transmission and distribution lines, but also control the substation perimeter, monitor the personnel and vehicles at important entrances and exits, and use visual technology Section to achieve the monitoring of substation equipment temperature and surrounding conditions, to achieve pre-warning, improve the level of equipment operation and management, strengthen security capabilities, ensure high-quality power supply and grid security, and better realize unattended substation.

Solution Architecture

Solution Features

  • It supports distributed deployment and centralized network management. The morning center can remotely view and manage each substation,
  • Thermal temperature measurement and warning system: it can detect the real-time temperature of the important power equipment (transformer, indoor power distribution room equipment, converter valve hall equipment) in the station area, and alarm in time once the over temperature is found,
  • Video surveillance system: High definition monitoring without dead corner is carried out at important positions in the station area, and the alarm of behavior analysis of surrounding places is supported.

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