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Why camera can not login the web interface ?

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2018-10-15      Visits: 404

1,Please check if there is a prompt info about wrong user name or password ,please use the correct one .

2,Make sure the IP is correct, connect the device direct to PC,use the IP search tool to check what the correct IP is 

3,Camera IP not the same segment with PC IP like Camera IP is but PC's, please add the same IP segment in PC

4,IP conflicts with another device, please use Ipsearch tool to change to another IP

5,Http default port 80 may have been changed, you need to add the correct port at the end of IP when login the web, Please test by the telnet COMMAND.

  Enter ’telnet + space+ device IP+ space+ http port’. 

  If it shows can't connect to the host, the system cannot find the specified file on port 80,it represents the port number does not match the environment.


you can also use the IPsearch tool to find the correct Port:


6,Use the Ping command to check the connection between PC and camera

if it can not ping through, please try press the reset button at camera to set the default IP of, 

and try ping again,

7,Otherwise, please contact your manufacturer for further analysis.


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