2018 UK Exhibition: Sunell helps National Brands to have a Strong Rise by counting on AI July 27, 2018

On June 19th, Sunell participated in IFSEC under the theme of "MORE AI, MORE RELIABILITY", demonstrating its new AI and security capabilities. Once again, many Chinese companies participating exhibition alongside Sunell and have proved to the world the charm of "China's intellectual creation".

The new AI product is the next smart core

As a leader in intelligent video surveillance during the Internet of Things era, Sunell examined customer needs from a professional perspective and created products that have analysis based on AI as well as temperature detection.

Among them, the artificial intelligence integrated camera that has features like high rate face detection, big amount of detection types. This camera is applicable to airports, stations, and parks for surveillance, law enforcement, and flow statistics needs.

The large-scale AI intelligent platform product, SunView v1.0, is the first self-developed product of Sunell, this CMS platform can be used by customers free of charge and has distributed deployment features. Due to the flexible and functional modular design, a user can use the camera to perform face capture, as well as to recognize some of the human related aspects such as gender, age, and glasses.

Thermal imaging cameras promote industrial upgrading

While making every effort to create a professional and rich product line, we have upgraded our thermal imaging cameras, that received accurate temperature measurement and variety of intelligent analysis. Sunell's booth at the exhibition was filled with people checking all the new functions and abilities.

The standard maximum resolution is 1024x768, there can be set up to 8 areas of a high temperature detection."The main feature of Sunell's thermal imaging cameras are their accurate temperature measurement function. It can be used independently and send temperature-related alarms even when camera is not online." - being noted by Sunell's staff member during the exhibition.Thermal imaging cameras are widely used nowadays and can be applied for different situations like forest fire prevention, solar energy plants fire prevention, perimeter surveillance, maritime observation etc.

New product launch

In the new intelligent society with awareness in its core, applications of the vertical industries can accurately meet customer needs, and for this year's exhibition Sunell has brought a series of customized products such as dome camera for buses and transport, an internal camera that can be used inside of the various equipment and a lot of other innovative products.

Sunell's universal product line includes 2mp, 4mp, 8mp cameras, etc., By adopting unified new design appearance, analog HD product line can also use the same appearance in order to provide customers with a very clear product selection.

After years of technology accumulation, Sunell cameras are now compatible with more than 20 mainstream monitoring platforms in the global industry. With the continuous updating and upgrading of the former Onvif protocol, Sunell cameras have a full support of Onvif G. In future, they will also be opened to more platforms to bring in the most convenient experience for the users.

Confidence in creating a national brand

The "Minimalistic but not Simple" exhibition booth design, colorful event experience, and the staff's bright spirit attracted countless visitors.

“A long-term brand should start from the market demands and base itself on products and services in a first place” -  said Sunell's general manager Ann Wu, pointing out the importance of viewing smart video products from a global perspective: “Building up core competitiveness is the only way for Chinese brands to reach global development. The only way to take a lead in this race is to jump out of the boundaries of security manufacturing and continue to create professional and innovative products and services, at the same time Chinese companies should cooperate and develop together to promote the overall image of Chinese brands.”

After 21 years of development, Sunell has not only become a national brand leader in the intelligent video industry, but also continues the further promotion to the international market. In 2018 Sunell speeds up the connection of global marketing network in order to realize the strategy of internationalization and branding promotion of the company by participating in international exhibitions in Dubai, South Korea and the United States, with the next major step to be an exhibition in Germany.

Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of overseas business and cooperation with customers covering nearly 93 countries and regions around the world, Sunell makes quality as its cornerstone and continues to have the loudest voice on the international stage!

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