Dubai InterSec Security Exhibition, Sunell's First Station in 2019 Jan 31, 2019

On January 20th, the first big exhibition in a security field InterSec 2019 held in Dubai and it was an undeniable success for Sunell.

Sunell uses AI+ thermal imaging technology to continuously refine the depth of the cultivation of the security market, adhering to the innovative, intelligent, and strict quality of service concept. There were amazing latest flagship products displayed during exhibition, Sunell has successfully completed the first stage of the security exhibitions with the great expansion of the brand influence.


-Advanced face capture camera 

2018 year is marked with AI concept, meanwhile 2019 will the year of AI technology. The security industry is on the frontline of the AI wave with large-scale face recognition applications for the hotels, airports, customs, office buildings, etc. Sunell Face Recognition camera “SmartEye” can provide users with information about data traffic, recognition of the special personnel and intelligent face search combined with other advanced functions. SmartEye can capture 60 faces in one second and transmit face information to the Sunell own created CMS platform – Sunview, to identify and compare data in the face database and provide data basis for business decision analysis.
In addition to the face capture, you can also capture the back and the half body, especially this function is useful for the large crowds.


Face, Body, Head-Shoulder Capture         A project application in Shanghai

Face recognition NVR
-More flexible deployment and faster recognition

In addition to the face recognition largescale system based on SmartEye camera + SunView CMS platform, for the users who need implementation of face recognition for some small projects, Sunell developed NVR with built in face recognition function.
With face recognition speed of up to 600 faces per minute and database of 10000+ faces, Sunell NVR has obvious speed advantages compared to the products from other vendors. In addition, video encryption technology makes face information more secure during transmission.Its biggest feature is flexible deployment, which can be adapted to small scenes in stores, offices or homes.

Body temperature measurement system
- One step ahead, in preventing and controlling the epidemic situation

According to the statistics of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the epidemics have the characteristics of high fever. For example, for SARS, EBOLA and other diseases fever is a common feature. Kindergartens and primary schools are the weak links in the monitoring of the epidemic. Sunell’s human body temperature measurement thermal camera has an accuracy of /-0.3 °C. Real-time body temperature monitoring can be performed for kindergartens, primary schools and other campuses. This dual-lens human body thermometer looks like a national treasure of China - panda. It has two cameras: thermal imaging and IP camera, both of which are connected in to one stream, allowing inspection of the dozens of people within milliseconds, and the real-time temperature detection without can be completed without active cooperation from the test subject. It is also possible to establish online update of the health records in real time, which greatly saves the working hours of the medical doctors and vastly improves the work efficiency. Parents can also remotely monitor their children's health status through the APP. After the system is connected to the National Epidemic Control Center, it can provide big data support for disease prevention and disease control.

SN-T5               A project application in a school

SunView V1.0
-Large scale platform with built in smart AI

10000+ network cameras, 5000+ users management, flexible modular design, one-click drag-and-drop expansion, distributed C/S architecture make SunView a large-scale video surveillance integrated management platform with additional functions like real-time deployment control on the E-map, video alarm pop-up window monitoring.

When SmartEye camera is connected to SunView, the intelligent search function can be used to achieve accurate and fast face recognition comparison. The black/white list function alerts you to specific people. The capacity of the human face library is more than 100000 faces.With addition of SunView mobile App, remote monitoring becomes possible.

The most important thing is that you can download it now. Everyone is welcome to download the platform from our website www.sunellsecurity.com.

Thermal image solution
-Onboard temperature measurement bispectral camera

The independently developed light fusion technology by Sunell makes possible for the fire hazard problem to disappear. For example, if Double-lens temperature-measuring thermal imaging camera is applied for the forest fire prevention, it can identify the over-temperature point in 2KM and issue an alarm in time before the fire occurs. Accuracy is within +/-2 °C, also there are 20 points, 2 lines, and 16 fields that can be applied for the temperature measurement.  Sunell temperature monitoring camera can prevent fire hazards in advance, avoiding more casualties and property losses, and is more secure than traditional fire prevention methods.

The feature of this system is that it is different from online temperature measurement systems and does not require any software; temperature measurement function is built into hardware. With Onvif and open SDK support the camera not only can be connected to Sunell NVR, but also is compatible with third-party platforms and devices with temperature alarm linkage being possible.

Sunell professional series

With the continuous refinement of the modern security industry market and its segmentation, professional customization, has become a new demand growth point in the security market. Through 22 years of experience in R&D and production of security products and strong commercialization capabilities, Sunell is able to provide professional and customized services for vertical segments such as transportation, finance, and prison. We not only has high technology content, superior performance and stability, but also quality with a professional team that matches the development to serve the customer’s needs. We continuously deepen the understanding of the industry, strengthen the research and development, innovation and iteration of the industry products.


 Application in Shenzhen Metro

Sunell budget series

Adhering to the production and R&D experience of Sunell that spans for 22 years, after a lot of quality control, the company provides users of the budget product line that has the same top-notch experience and high quality in all aspects as in the professional product line.

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