• Q1: How to set OSD for IPC on the DVR?2021-10-14
  • 1. Go to Channel->OSD, you can see the options :

       1) channel: select the channel that you want to set 

       2)Time: display time on the image

       3)ChannelName : dispaly channel name on the image

  • Q2: How to set "Auto Logout Time"?2021-09-01
  • If you want to stay logged in after you have logged into the DVR for a long period, please set following the steps below:

    1. login to the local NVR interface

    2. go to "System"->"User Account"->"Adv.Setting"->Auto Logout Time

    3. default setting is "5", means it will not be logout until 5 mins . So please set the proper value here.

  • Q3: The image of DVR is clear in preview mode and fuzzy in playback mode2020-11-16
  • DVR in the real-time preview mode, the image is not encoded, and in the playback mode, the image is encoded. You can adjust the resolution and code rate higher
  • Q4: How to set up alarm email notifications on the DVR V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. Make sure that the alarm settings are properly set up and E-mail Push option should be enabled. Alarm can be for motion detection, video loss or camera tamper.

    2. Go to System Settings > Network > SMTP.

    3. Input the correct SMTP settings of your email account.

    Click on Test beside the email recipient to test if the recipient will receive the messages.

  • Q5: How to modify time zone, date and time on DVR V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. On the System setting screen, choose Basic > Time zone to access the time zone.

    2. Select a required time zone from the Time zone drop-down list. And Click OK.

    3. On the System setting screen, choose Basic > Time

    4. Select a required date format from the Date Format drop-down list.

    5. Click  next to 24 Hour to disable the 24-hour system. Then, the 12-hour system is enabled. If 24 Hour is set to on, the 24-hour system is used and is enabled by default.

    6. Click  next to Sync Time to disable time synchronization. Time synchronization is enabled by default. Time is synchronized with the PC time.

    7. After Sync Time is disabled, you can manually set the system date and time.

    1)Click Date and scroll the mouse scroll wheel to select the year, month, & date

    2)Click Time and scroll the mouse scroll wheel to select the hour, minute, & second.

    3)Click Modify Time to save the time settings.

    8. Click OK to save settings or click Cancel to cancel the changes.

  • Q6: How to enable motion detection on the DVRs V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1.If you would like the Hybrid DVR to record detected motions only, please DISABLE the Enable schedule record first.  Go to System Settings > Record > Enable schedule record.


    2. Enable alarm by going to System Settings > Alarm > Enable alarm


    3.On the monitor home screen, do a right-click and go to Motion Detection.


    4. Choose a camera that you want to enable motion. Click the toggle switch for Enable.


    5.Setup the ‘Sensitivity’. You may choose between Low, Medium, High and Highest.


    6.Setup the area where you want the motion to be detected. See image below. The area with the red grid represents the motion detection area.


    7.Click the image.png settings icon beside ‘Processing Method


    8. Set the Arming TimeArming Time is use to setup the schedule on when you would like the DVR to detect motion. 


    9. Set the Trigger channel. Click Trigger channel tag to access trigger channel screen, as shown in the image below.


  • Q7: How to back up the recordings of DVR into a USB flash drive V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. On the monitor main screen, hover your mouse to the bottom of the screen and click the Replay image.pngicon


    2.Make sure that the USB flash drive is being detected. If you see a red X icon, it means that there is no USB detected. You may need to unplug the USB flash drive and plug it back in.


    3.Choose the recording that you want to back up by dragging the timeline at the bottom left side of the screen.


    4. Click the scissor icon to start to backup process.


    5. Once done, click the end backup icon to stop the process.


    6. The recording will be automatically saved on the USB flash drive.

  • Q8: How can I add an IP camera to DVR V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. Make sure that the IP cameras and the DVR are connected on the same network.


    2. The IP cameras and the DVR should also follow the same network settings being provided by the router.


    3. On your DVR, do a right-click on your mouse to show the Menu. Then, select ‘Camera’.


    4. On the ‘Add or delete camera’ page, click the IP address of the camera you want to add. Then, click the toggle switch on the ‘Lock’ option to unlock.


    5. Once unlock, ensure that you input the correct information of the camera.

  • Q9: How can I add a DVR to the app on my Android or IOS phone via P2P V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. Download and install the correct application

    2. Please ensure that the device is connected to a network and the status is ‘Online’. You can find this information under System settings > Network > P2P > Enable.

    a.     Make sure that the device is connected to a router with Internet access.

    b.     Change the network settings on the device interface. You can find the network settings in System settings > Network > IPv4.


    3. Open the application on your  phone, and then click ‘Add Device’.

    4. Open the application on your Android phone, and then click ‘Add Device’.

    5.Tap ’P2P Device’ and scan the QR code of the P2P that is indicated on the DVR interface.

    The QR code is located in System settings > Network > P2P




      (1)Enter a Nickname.

      (2) Can be found in System settings > Network > Port.Please note: The default value of the Data port2 is 30001. If you changed it to a different number, please make sure to input the new port number in the app

      (3) Enter the Username and Password of the device

      (4) Hit Save at the upper right corner.


  • Q10: How can I add a DVR to the app on my Android or IOS phone via IP Address or DDNS V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. Download and install the correct application to your smart phone

    2. Please ensure that the device is properly connected to a network with Internet access. 

       An example in the below


    3. If you will be using DDNS in adding the device to the app, please enable the DDNS first. 

       An example in the below


    4. If you would like to access the device remotely via WAN (external/public) IP or DDNS address using your phone, you have to open/forward the port number indicated in Data port2

      (1)The Data port2 can be found in System settings > Network > Port

      (2)The default value is 30001. If you changed this to a different number, please open/forward the new port number.


      (1)Log in to the router where the device is connected to.

      (2)Setup port forwarding using the device IP address and Data port2.

      (3)Verify if the Data port2 is open or not.

      (4)Once the port is open, you can now proceed in adding the device to the app on your phone.

    5. Open the application on your phone, and then click ‘Add Device’.

    6. Tap ’+ Local Device’.


    7. Input the needed information.

    a.     Enter a Nickname.

    b.     In the IP Address field, enter the local IP address, WAN (external/public) IP address or DDNS address.

    c.     In the Port field, input the Data port2 indicated in the device settings. This information can be found in System settings > Network > Port.

    Please note:

    ·The default value for the Data port2 is 30001. If you changed it to a different number, please ensure to use the new port number.

    ·If you will only access the device using the WBOX VMS1 app on local/home network only, there is no need to port forward the Data port2.

    ·If you will be accessing the device remotely via WAN (external/public) IP or DDNS address using the WBOX VMS1 app, you need to port forward the Data port2.

    8. Enter the Username and Password of the device.

    9. Hit Save at the upper right corner.


  • Q11: What can I do if I forget the password for DVR V4.1?2020-11-16
  • 1. Click ‘Forgot password’ on login page.


    2. On the ‘Find password’ screen, choose a way to get this QR code


    3. contact your sellers or the technical support and tell them this QR code.

    4.Technical Support will provide you a temporary password which will expire within the day. Please modify the password immediately.

  • Q12: DVR can not acquire the IP address automatically?2020-11-16
  • Please connect the DVR to Router, and make sure the DHCP function of router is enabled,
    and open the function of automatically getting IP on DVR network setting menu.
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