• Q1: Disk colour description2021-10-15

  • Green: Disk utilization 0~70%

    Orange: Disk utilization 71~100%

  • Q2: How to set OSD for IPC on the DVR?2021-10-14
  • 1. Go to Channel->OSD, you can see the options :

       1) channel: select the channel that you want to set 

       2)Time: display time on the image

       3)ChannelName : dispaly channel name on the image

  • Q3: How to make a record in Sunview?2021-10-14
  • If you don't have NVR but  need to record in the sunview , please set following the steps:

    1. set the right path for the records

    2. go to Live View, click "Start Record" on he image to start to record

    3. there is a flashing red point during the recording:

    4. click "Start Record" again to end the recording.

  • Q4: what's the DNS Server ?2021-10-14
  • DNS is the abbreviation of Computer Domain Name System (Domain Name System or Domain Name Service), which is composed of resolvers and domain name servers. The domain name server refers to a server that stores the domain names and corresponding IP addresses of all hosts in the network, and has the function of converting domain names into IP addresses.

  • Q5: RTSP rule of sunell IPC2021-09-01
  • RTSP rule : rtsp://ip:port/snl/live/cameraid/streamid

    IP : the IPC's IP address

    port: default port for RTSP is 554


    cameraid:default value is 1

    streamid: stream id, default value is 1

    For example : rtsp://

  • Q6: How to set "Layout" in Sunview2021-09-01
  • 1. go to Layout 

    2. create a new Layout 

    3. drag some devices into the window, (here we drag 3 devices)

    4. set an internal time (here we set 10 Secs)

    So in this case, the 3 devices will be displayed in this window per 10 secs in turn.

  • Q7: What's the option of "Enable Double Authentication" in NVR ?2021-09-01
  • Usually , we can log into the NVR as the default account “admin” , then access all functions in the NVR.

    But if you enable the option "Enable Double Authentication",it means for accessing some special functions, it will ask you to login with another account to enhance the security. 

     take "Playback" as an example :

    1. enable "Enable Double Authentication"

    2. go to "play back ", it will ask you to enter another user authentication.

    3. go to create a new account "test"

    now you have 2 users 

    4. then go back to the "playback", and enter "test " to pass the verification. 

  • Q8: How to set "Auto Logout Time"?2021-09-01
  • If you want to stay logged in after you have logged into the DVR for a long period, please set following the steps below:

    1. login to the local NVR interface

    2. go to "System"->"User Account"->"Adv.Setting"->Auto Logout Time

    3. default setting is "5", means it will not be logout until 5 mins . So please set the proper value here.

  • Q9: Why can't video be stored in SD card2021-08-13
  • Possible reason below:

    1. video configuration issue

       go to configuration->device record->record policy   , check whether the parameters are correct.

    2.SD card issue

    It may be due to SD card failure or SD not inserted into the card slot. Power off and re insert the SD card or replace the SD card


    It may be caused by other non-human factors. Please contact the manufacturer in time

  • Q10: Update firmware with USB drive2021-08-13
  • 1. copy these 3 files to the root directory of a USB disk.

    Note:If you will format your USB flash disk, please format it in FAT32 mode.

    2.turn off the NVR

    3.plug the USB disk into the USB port of NVR

    4.turn on the NVR

    5.The NVR will execute the updating operations automatically, just keep the power supply working normally.

  • Q11: How to export the system logs in the Sunview2021-07-31
  • Click the button "configuration" ->Log Export->Export the logs, Please refer to the picture below :

  • Q12: How to change the language in the Sunview2021-07-31
  • in the Sunview, you can change the language and please refer to the picture below :

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