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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Fire-Protection for Scrap Car Park by Sunell Thermal Solution


 This is a company that handles crashed cars and recycled parts out for insurance workshops. And they are a leading company in smashed ELECTRIC and HYBRID cars collection and scrapping.


Electric cars have a large high voltage battery and a big risk to trigger fire while they line on shelves in the collection park. To avoid the fire and explosions, we adopted Sunell thermal PTZ and bullet SN-TPC4201KT on site for 24/7 on-line temperature monitoring for pre-alarm if there is a risk of fire. The precise temperature detection and advanced Sunview CMS on thermal solution perfectly fit the need and save our manpower.  What’s more, compared to traditional handheld thermal device, there is no need to have our staff to remain on patrol even in harsh weather outside.




Our Customer Mr. Johansson said:"We used to have Thermal hand-cameras today and check smashed electric cars 2 times a week. This take time and we don't have total control if a car gets problem and starts to burn. Therefore, need a surveillance system as detection and push warning."



 A reliable and accurate Bi-spectral thermal PTZ and bullet Camera were provided by Sunell to protect the collection park 24/7 on site, customer can have a constantly 24/7 temperature and security monitoring by push alarm massage from App or email with 2 alarm modes:  Over-Temperature Alarm and Temperature Difference Alarm.





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