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Function Requirements for Security Surveillance Cameras

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to their own safety. Its requirements for security products are also becoming higher and higher, which makes the function of our security surveillance cameras continue to increase. So what are the requirements of the security monitoring system? This must be a lot of people who want to know the problem, today is here for everyone a simple introduction, let's have a look!

Security of Smart IP Camera

The surveillance camera system should be equipped with various measures to ensure information security, including identity authentication, access security of front-end equipment and monitoring center, and access and transmission security of mobile monitoring system. Tamper proof of image information; The monitoring system has a secure password, and only authorized managers can set and operate the monitoring camera system. Unauthorized personnel cannot query, set the system, or delete files on the monitoring system. Network users must install remote monitoring software and be authorized by the authorized administrator to use the monitoring system. The system also has the function of powering off automatic protection, and automatic call recovery.

The Operating of IP Intelligent Camera

The monitoring camera system can retrieve and replay the recorded image information conveniently and timely at any time, such as by time, place or image information. Through the manual or automatic operation, the corresponding equipment for remote control; Can set the corresponding control permission according to the user level; Playback image should be stable, clear, can be read and written repeatedly, and should not exist signal attenuation and wear problems; In the surveillance camera system, intelligent video processing technology, such as moving target detection, is adopted as much as possible.

Functionality About Security Surveillance Camera

The database of the monitoring and control platform should record the retrieval information related to the image information, such as equipment, channel, time, alarm information, etc. The platform shall be able to store video and audio information and retain it for 30 days; It can view images in real-time according to the specified device and channel, display, zoom, capture, and video monitoring images, and the quality of real-time monitoring images must be clear and smooth. The system has a strong image information processing function, which can process the image information of multiple cameras at the same time, including screen modification, editing, adjusting, enlarging, shrinking, and printing, etc. You can also save the image as a general data file format and use other professional image processing software for secondary processing.