Guangxi Damingshan Forest Fire Prevention Monitoring Project Oct 10, 2018

Project background

Guangxi Daming Mountain is located in the northeast of Wuming County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The total area of the nature reserve is about 65,000 hectares and the forest coverage rate is 98.9%. In recent years, under the continuous investment of science and technology fire prevention by the government, the natural resources of 5A level forests have been effectively protected, and the first and second phases of the Damingshan Intelligent Forest Fire Prevention Project have been completed.

Customer's request

1: Since the establishment of Damingshan Nature Reserve, the modernization of forest fire prevention work has been low and a single prevention mechanism;

2: The contradiction between forest fire prevention measures and the development of protected areas were increasingly prominent;

3: The economic income of the community is mainly based on agriculture and forestry and fruit industry. There is a phenomenon of continuous expansion of planting land to forest areas because of economic interests, and fire hazards of community residents' refining activities.

Project Solution

Through the forest fire prevention monitoring system that has "temperature-measuring warning type thermal imaging and HD camera", the staff can carry out 24-hour real-time dynamic monitoring of the 5-km forest area around the monitoring point. The monitoring center can quickly detect fire in the forest, identify disasters or hidden dangers as soon as possible, deal with possible sudden fires and other abnormal events, and provide evidence for on-site command.

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