How to configure the T5 (thermal camera) for the first time?
  1. Face detection: Detect face of human
  2. Upbody detection:Detect face and shoulder part of human
  3. Fullbody detection:Detect the human shape
  4. Display trace:Display the information of tracing
  5. Confidence coefficient:Face detection sensitivity, the value range is high, medium, low, the larger the value is, the higher the sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity value is, the higher the  detection rate will be, but the more false detection may occur, such as the false detection of the patterns on pedestrian clothes to adult faces.
  6. Smallest pixel:When the pixel of the face in the image is less than the set value (the minimum pixel forface recognition), it is not captured.
  7. Snapshot mode: There are two types timing and optimal.
  8. Upload image interval: 1~10 sec.
  9. Yaw degree:Set face Angle to filter out
  10. FTP upload image matting: Enable or disable
  11. FTP upload whoel image: Enable or disable

  1. Temperature Unit: Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units are available.
  2. Ambient Type :The ambient of camera.Outside and Inside are available. Inside suggest to be selected when the ambient temperature change frequently.
  3. Ambient Temperature : The ambient temperature of camera. It is set when ambient is outside.
  4. Cavity Temperature : The cavity temperature of camera.
  5. Correction Coefficient: Correction coefficient refers to the deviation of measured object temperature and actual temperature.
  6. Area Temperature Display Mode : The display position of temperature information on the live-video image.
  7. Mount distance:  The actual distance between the detection person and the device, it is set to facilitate the temperature measurement accuracy.
  8. Alarm Threshold : The human body temperature detected exceeds the set threshold temperature alarm.
  9. Alarm Interval(1-1800S) : N/A
  10. Measure Mode: Choose the measure mode from general to preset.
  11. Display alarm area :  Enable or disable the display alarm area

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