How to set options to CGI Alarm Service Center?

CGI Alarm Service Center config page introduction

The CGI alarm messages pushed by the device are assembled in the format following the IP addresses of the start and end URL. The assembled string is sent to the CGI alarm server through the HTTP protocol.

(1) URL Start: Indicate that send URL at the alarm starting point, the format is as follows:

AThe format of the reporting information URL for license plate recognition is defined as follows:

BThe format of the reporting common alarm information is defined as follows:

The is target IP address (Alarm server IP address)80 is the corresponding port

(2) URL End: Indicate that send URL at the alarm ending point, the format is same as URL Start. URL Start can be same as URL End.

(3) Username: username of IPC; Password: password of IPC.

(4) The proxy server is a CGI alarm forwarding server that implements alarm forwarding, among which the address is forwarding IP (for example:, the port is forwarding port (for example: 80)

(5) The platform User Name: username of the forwarding server (for example:1234565);

The platform password: password of the forwarding server(for example: 123456).

(6) Test the connection to the specified HTTP server: It used to test whether the network between IPC and proxy server is unobstructed. When the test button is clicked, if the network between IPC and is unobstructed, display test result is successful, otherwise display test fails.

(7) After completing filling in the above information, you need to click the “Apply” button to save the data.

(8) Status is ON

(9) Status is ON

(10)Above item (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) can’t be empty.

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