How to set PTZ tour on the web?

1. open PTZ control panel

2. Select an area with the mouse ,and Set preset ID:1 Name: area1, then click "+"

3. Select an area with the mouse again ,and Set preset ID:2 Name: area2 ,then click"+"

4. go to "Tour", here show you how to add two preset points "area1 and area 2" to a tour:

1) select tour ID ,default is 1,  tour name : enter a name

2)click  to start

3)select "Preset”=area1, enter 5(sec) to "Wait Time", click ""

4)select "Preset”=area2, enter 5(sec) to "Wait Time", click ""

note : you can add more preset points as you want.

5)click  to end

6) then you can click  to check your setting for [Tour1]

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