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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Meet Sunell New Bi-spectrum Bullet Network Camera


With housing and software upgrades, Sunell Bi-spectrum Bullet IP cameras are ready to provide you with a clearer, smarter and more lens selection video surveillance experience. With intelligent algorithms, the camera supports detection of human shapes, vehicles and fire spots, and  seeing farther by selecting lenses with different focal lengths.

Perimeter Protection

Bi-spectrum cameras feature human, vehicle detection and powerful behavior analysis (Intrusion, Single Line Crossing, Double Line Crossing, Loitering, Wrong-way, Enter Area and Leave Area, People Counting) based on deep learning algorithm, allowing high alarm accuracy and reduction of false alarms.


Fire Prevention

Fire Spot, Smoke/Fire detection, Temperature Threshold alarm and other methods can activate timely alarms before  or in the early stage of the fire.


Accurate Temperature Measurement

Bi-spectrum cameras supports temperature measurement and alarm strategies such as Temperature Threshold/Difference/Rise alarm, and the temperature measurement range can be customized ≤900°C.



Multi Lens Optional

8/15/25/35/50 mm thermal lens and 5~50 mm motorized optical 

lens to fit your needs in any scene.


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