Nation Palace Museum with HD Surveillance Oct 10, 2018

Project Background

The museum first began as the "Korean Imperial Museum", which was established in September 1908 and was originally located in Changgyeonggung Palace. In March, 1946, after the liberation of Korea, it was renamed "Deoksugung Museum". In 1991, Cultural Heritage Administration instituted the museum in Seokjojeon (석조전, Stone Hall) of Deoksugung Palace, and in 2005, the museum was relocated to a modern building inside Gyeongbokgung Palace.The cultural relics palace is a place for collecting, protecting, researching, and displaying artifacts, specimens, and other real objects related to history, culture, art, natural sciences, technology, etc. The most important feature of the cultural relics collected and protected in the museum is that the collection can't be restored, legacy determines the immeasurable value of the collection, and its security is very important.

Client's request
1. The museum's perimeter, walkway, gates, entrances, etc. require real-time monitoring with video data availability for convenient analyzing of image forensics in the future;
2. Promptly suppress the illegal acts such as theft;

3. Monitoring of important locations; prevent accidents and an effective security system establishment;4. The original monitoring system is digitalized with high-definition requirements and has strong scalability.

Project Solution
Sunell SN-IPS57/30CDR/ZSD12 HD network camera is compatible with the existing monitoring system through the onvif protocol, it can also send alarm and video to the access control making all-day monitoring of various places possible. Self-contained intelligent analysis function of Sunell camera provides accurate and efficient monitoring of the museum.
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