• History of Sunell Body Temperature Measurement System
    Apr 18, 2020 History of Sunell Body Temperature Measurement System

    From the year of 2014, Sunell launched the first generation of human body temperature measurement product, which established its leading position in fever epidemic screening systems. It featured “AI+ Bi-spectrum” and high accuracy that reached +/-0.3℃. For the 7 years, Sunell has introduced its 3rd generation total solution. It is now providing protection for resumption of production and working. 

    At the start-up of 2020, Covid-19 had been sweeping through the mainland of China, and now is getting threatening worldwide. From the occurrence of the epidemic to today, Sunell's ''panda camera'' -- Body Temperature Measurement System played an important role in the work of prevention and control of epidemic. It has become the guardians for thousands of prevention and control site and points worldwide.

    Accomplishments can’t be acquired overnight, and opportunities are always for those who are prepared. This article tells a team’s growth history, the time tag on each photo bears in mind the ingenuity of a kind enterprise. 

    Seven years ago, that was on February 28, 2014, Sunell announced the new generation of infrared thermal network cameras, which indicated the mass production of the thermal cameras after more than 2 years exploration and research and development. It was from the day onwards that Sunell became the provider of “AI+ Thermal” 24/7h Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution.

    Our direction is temperature detection. From the forest fire prevention to electric power inspection, we were aiming for detection and monitoring to expand our product road, particularly for temperature detection. The turning point was revealed by an official published article a few months later. 

    The picture with face temperature hinted that Sunell would be exploring human body temperature measurement. This attempt stimulated Sunell people's spirit of perseverance and the pursuit of perfection.

    According to those official tweets, the first time when Sunell Introduced Thermal and Visible Body Temperature Measurement System with full sincerity was during CPSE 2015. Sunell's thermal cameras extended us a crucial line — Body Temperature Measurement.

    We named the 1st generation of human body temperature detection products as Dual Vision Temperature Measurement System. It seemed much fitter in the current epidemic. The system could collect faces and temperature information instantaneously, and the face recognition function was directly embedded in the first version of CMS. At that time there were only a few manufacturers can do that. It gave us a sense that our conquest was “the sea of stars”. We ridiculed ourselves that we are the best thermal camera providers in the monitoring vendors and the best monitoring vendors among thermal cameras providers. However, our goal is not only“the sea of stars”, but also to love people and embrace people's health.

    By chance we decided to apply the preliminary results to the primary schools. In the following projects, we started from nothing and tried everything. It was more than a system, but an experimental product focusing on gathering information and summarizing demands. According to the projects including schools of Huairou district of Beijing which were initially piloted, the accuracy of temperature measurement and the rate of face recognition are slightly flawed. 

    On the eve of Chinese National day October 1 in 2016, we landed 6 sites located in Huairou branch of Guangming school and Huairou central school. The system was deployed at the halls and main entrances of the schools. We invited a local professional cameraman to have students very standard photos for the use of registration in the system. Children’s naïve smiles and the cameraman’s professional poses impressed us. The memory was as beautiful as the melody of "Childhood".

    The 1st generation server and interface of VMS are simple, but it was classical and very significant to us. After more than half a month of implementation and repeated debugging, the comprehensive performance reached the standard and was accepted and passed by the school's commission.

    We deployed more body temperature projects in the following one year in schools, prisons and other places. During the process of continuous optimization and improvement, the system was getting more accurate and smarter on temperature detection and face recognition. The functions are richer and better. 

    During 2017 and 2018, we welcomed one more milestone-- the project of students’ temperature measurement system in the whole Anning District of Lanzhou City. That was the largest and most complicated projects among the whole domestic market no matter the coverage or the number of temperature detection points. We set many ''first''  in this project—the first large-scale application on campus, the first multi-level networked data sharing, the first body temperature measurement mobile phone APP, the first docking Platform data, the first display of temperature measurement big data. In the early stage of construction, we obtained the feasibility report from more than twenty schools through surveying the environment, which provided the valuable information for the following biddings and project implementation. 

    We had deployed a large number of temperature monitoring points in all middle schools, elementary schools and kindergartens under the Anning District Education Bureau of Lanzhou City. Composed by thermal cameras with the panda appearance and black body calibration, etc., the monitoring sites collected the students’ body temperature and face photos, and transmitted the information back to the server deployed in the information center through the special education network. The platform recorded and analyzed the information, if detecting any fever data, it would reported to the relevant teachers, school leaders or the educational administrative through platform and App. It made students’ data of health status in grasp and perceive the health situation in advance. 


    The 3D visualization big data platform of the Information Center of Anning District Education Bureau displayed the whole district’s temperature data in real time. At present, it had already detected temperature for a total of 6.86 million students. Big data is also displayed the fever warning in the form of a 3-dimensional band chart at different times of the day. The chart showed the peak of fever warning was just at the period between autumn and winter. We could also see the temperature measure and warning data from the detecting sites of each school per day, per week and per month. Those data ensured the Education Bureau to master the students’ health states and take actions in case of epidemic. 

    Going through thousands of days and nights, overcoming a variety problems and hardships, testing and debugging hundreds of detection sites and upgrading enormous data configuring, we reached an stable 0.3℃ temperature measure accuracy and a big breakthrough on multi-person of human face recognition algorithm by millisecond, and meanwhile developed the platform covering almost all functional requirements on human body temperature detection. Last year, we made persistent efforts and tried several different new functions and deployment methods in several important areas such as Tianjin, Shenzhen and Shenyang to make the system more complete and excellent. 

    Our Body Temperature System is more than an evolution. So far it ranks among the best in terms of speed of temperature measuring, number of people faces detected, and accuracy and variety of functions of the platform in both domestic and international markets. We believe that we will definitely win this battle and return to more normal times in the nearest future.

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  • Temperature Screening Project of Russian School
    May 25, 2020 Temperature Screening Project of Russian School

    After the violent knife attack in Russia in 2018, the schools strengthened the safety inspection of the entrance. In addition to the inability to carry dangerous goods into the school, the individual's body temperature is also included in the scope of concern.

    Sunell SN-T5 enables non-contact fast online detection and intelligent face comparison in the screening and prevention of campus epidemics. The health records of the inbound and outbound personnel on the SunView CMS provide big data for the epidemic control center. This school installs 5 pcs body measuring instruments at important entrances and exits.

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  • Bangkok Chain Education Institute Project
    Oct 12, 2019 Bangkok Chain Education Institute Project


    The chain education institutions in Bangkok need to realize the intelligent management of campus personnel through AI technology, which is the biggest characteristic requirement of this monitoring system.


    The project uses the Sunell target capture camera (SN-IPR5821BYDN-J ). It is mainly installed in the entrances and exits of the campus and important office and teaching areas, and is jointly networked with NVR and SunView system. The Sunell Smart Campus Solution enables one-stop intelligent video surveillance management for the Buri School.

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  • Highway Administration of Thailand
    Aug 19, 2019 Highway Administration of Thailand


    Highway Administration should not only focus on monitoring important sections of expressways, but also meet the monitoring needs within the Administration. Long distance, fast speed of capturing vehicles, to consider the later expansion is the focus and difficulty of the whole project.


    The Highway Administration adopted Sunell 250 SN-IPC57/20EDN with Milestone software platform to realize the monitoring requirements of graded management of important sections of expressway.

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  • Shenzhen Metro Project
    July 22, 2019 Shenzhen Metro Project


    ShenZhen Metro now has 8 lines provide transport services. it's expected that the scale of rail transit network will break through 1000km in 2025.

    The Security is the most important for each line,each station, each carriage.


    The project installed SN-IPV54/14ZDR 1000 PCS and SN-IPV54/14UDR 700PCS  Sunell dome cameras to protect people’s safety.

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  • Temperature Screening Project of Tianjin Schools
    July 22, 2019 Temperature Screening Project of Tianjin Schools


    Tianjin Shouyi School Face Temperature Measurement Project is a sample of Tianjin Campus Informatization Construction . There are more than 50 public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. 


    The project uses the Sunell SN-T5 and SunView CMS . Temperature date should be kept for at least 9 years.

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  • Temperature Screening Project of Lanzhou Schools
    May 25, 2020 Temperature Screening Project of Lanzhou Schools


    Lanzhou Face Temperature Measurement Project is a part of Lanzhou Campus Informatization Construction led by Lanzhou Education Bureau. There are more than 30 public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. 

    The project uses the Sunell 80PCS SN-T5 and SunView CMS . Temperature date should be kept for at least 9 years.

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  • Xinjian No.2 Middle School
    July 19, 2019 Xinjian No.2 Middle School


    Face capture camera is connected to Skynet platform to provide more accurate  face capture, recognition and alarm linkage for external threat personnel on campus.


    The project uses Sunell Intelligent 2.0 MP AI Face Capture camera  connect to Skynet Platform suppling face data and early warning information. App is pushed to parents the children to come here, after school dynamics, to protect the safety of the kids.

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  • Electricity Project
    July 19, 2019 Electricity Project


    High electric, high magnetic field, narrow and dark space in the substation box need to continuously monitor the temperature change of the magnetic ring, an important component, all-weather and uninterrupted.


    The project uses Sunell Mini binocular thermal imaging camera SN-D3, with its ultra-wide angle lens and excellent anti-electromagnetic interference, to monitor the temperature changes of important components in the substation box all-weather and non-contact.

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  • TransAsia Bakery
    July 18, 2019 TransAsia Bakery


    TransAsia Bakery is a chain Cafe located in Taipei City, Taiwan, which provides customers with coffee, fast food and other catering services. In addition to guaranteeing the normal operation order of the coffee shop, videos in the coffee shop should also be unified to the headquarters for management.


    The project uses Sunell 800 PCS 4MP infrared LED Dome camera to connect with SunView AI CMS which guarantees a good operating environment for each store and can be monitored remotely.

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  • Oostend Railway Station
    July 18, 2019 Oostend Railway Station


    Video surveillance system of railway station mainly monitors every station of rail transit in real time, so as to discover, deter and combat illegal and criminal acts in time, and provide video evidence for investigating and solving cases.


    The project uses Sunell 30X IR speed dome camera and day and night monitoring of open areas such as borders and station squares. It can ensure all-weather monitoring requirements and meet the need to adjust the video direction and camera multiple focal length for fine monitoring.

    For the station ticket office, station entrance and other fixed-point monitoring points, fixed-angle high-definition gun machine can be selected. For platform monitoring, Sunell high-definition 8MP high-definition, large depth of field camera can be used to monitor.

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  • Nation Palace Museum with HD Surveillance
    Oct 10, 2018 Nation Palace Museum with HD Surveillance

    Project Background

    The museum first began as the "Korean Imperial Museum", which was established in September 1908 and was originally located in Changgyeonggung Palace. In March, 1946, after the liberation of Korea, it was renamed "Deoksugung Museum". In 1991, Cultural Heritage Administration instituted the museum in Seokjojeon (석조전, Stone Hall) of Deoksugung Palace, and in 2005, the museum was relocated to a modern building inside Gyeongbokgung Palace.The cultural relics palace is a place for collecting, protecting, researching, and displaying artifacts, specimens, and other real objects related to history, culture, art, natural sciences, technology, etc. The most important feature of the cultural relics collected and protected in the museum is that the collection can't be restored, legacy determines the immeasurable value of the collection, and its security is very important.

    Client's request
    1. The museum's perimeter, walkway, gates, entrances, etc. require real-time monitoring with video data availability for convenient analyzing of image forensics in the future;
    2. Promptly suppress the illegal acts such as theft;

    3. Monitoring of important locations; prevent accidents and an effective security system establishment;4. The original monitoring system is digitalized with high-definition requirements and has strong scalability.

    Project Solution
    Sunell SN-IPS57/30CDR/ZSD12 HD network camera is compatible with the existing monitoring system through the onvif protocol, it can also send alarm and video to the access control making all-day monitoring of various places possible. Self-contained intelligent analysis function of Sunell camera provides accurate and efficient monitoring of the museum.
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