NPU 2.0 depth application, Sunell AI technology upgrades again May 23, 2019

Sunell attended South Africa Exhibition on May 14-16. With the rapid development of AI technology, the application of AI technology in the security industry continues to strengthen and deepen. 

“Security + AI” is the mainstream trend of the current security industry development. As a security technology company with 22 years of independent research and development experience, Sunell's AI products have been fully upgraded with new hardware solutions and software management solutions. 

“AI + Thermal” has become a special business card of Sunell. Thermal imaging solutions have unique advantages in non-visible security applications. In the field of temperature measurement, Sunell's front-end temperature measurement technology has been rapidly developing and improving corresponding to the needs of market development. In the general security product market, Sunell has a rich product line that matches the market's needs. Raging from 2MP to 12MP resolution, analog and IP, and advanced multi-view panoramic cameras. Back-end smart storage devices are also constantly evolving as Sunell is eager to provide customers with a one-stop solution.

SunView AI Smart Application Upgrade

Following the launch of SunView AI software platform six months ago, Sunell has started to work on additional functions since then and during South Africa show Sunell unvieled to the public the next module of SunView – an attendance system based on the AI smart face recognition application. Simply show your face to the camera and system will clock you in automatically, additionally there were added various voice notifications in different languages making the new attendance module an ultimate application for a lot of companies. At the end of the month, the system can automatically generate standard attendance report services. Thanks to SunView's flexible modular design R & D department developed a new AI application system in a very short time.In addition to Software platform this face attendance function is also officially updated to the Sunell NVR.Customers can find out more related content by visiting Sunell's official website.

AI+Thermal Multiple Product Solutions

How to quickly, comprehensively and easily measure the core temperature of the human body, our answer is Sunell SN-T5 Body temperature Detection Camera. This camera was praised a lot at the exhibition. The SN-T5 features a unique combination of front-end thermal imaging temperature measurement and AI face recognition. This camera can quickly show temperature of people in a crowded scene, the temperature measurement accuracy is an industry leading +/-0.3 °C. With addition of SunView intelligent platform it is possible to set black and white lists, member and groups, real-time alarms that trigger when a person’s temperature exceeds the threshold that was set in prior. It is also possible to generate rich data reports and provide important decision-making basis for the prevention and tracking of major urban diseases.

720-degree Panoramic Camera without Blind Zone

Public security booths, live webcasts, commercial buildings, Shopping Mall buildings, large transportation hubs – a suitable camera for these applications is one without any dead angles, and Sunell’s panoramic camera with 4 sensors is the best solution in this case. You can see all the dynamics in one screen and get comprehensive information. One camera has 4 sensors 8MP each, providing the image in the top, bottom, left, and right positions making this camera a unique 32MP HD solution with built-in cutting-edge stitching technology. High resolution allows you to zoom in and see the details sharp and clear. This camera has asteroid mode, 360 panorama mode, crystal ball mode, cruise mode, perspective mode, auto cruise mode, and 6 preview modes – giving more options to a customer. 

AI in View Series - Structured Video Data

SmartEye is the AI face capture camera series from Sunell. The latest generation of AI cameras continues to be launched at this South Africa show. SmartEye 2.0 video data structured camera. Based on Sunell's NPU 2.0 smart chip technology, SmartEye 2.0 cameras are equipped with high-performance hybrid recognition and capture capabilities for human faces, human bodies, vehicles and non-motorized vehicles. It provides the basis for the identification and application of individual information in the next step.

In Addition, The New WIFI Kit was Also Displayed

A wireless NVR plus 4 wireless camera sets were also unveiled at the show. The real-time transmission performance of 300 meters of open space is worthy of everyone's expectations.

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