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Smart Campus Solution about Surveillance Product

Relying on the strong research and development strength of intelligent security system products and combining with the construction requirements of smart campus, Sunell launched a smart campus solution with AI perception camera + human body temperature measurement + intelligent management platform as the core. The system uses AI camera to realize perimeter protection, behavior analysis and alarm, personnel, vehicle management, attendance of teachers and students, and other functions. It uses human body thermometer for non-contact and non-sensing temperature measurement to realize automatic alarm of human body temperature abnormality.

Architecture about Smart Campus Solution of Surveillance Product

Ip Security Camera

Smart Campus Solution of Surveillance Product Features

Face recognition system: It can prevent criminal suspects and strangers from entering the campus, and realize early warning and behavior trajectory analysis.

Passengers flow statistical system: Statistical analysis and early warning of the traffic flow in the main places and entrances of the campus.

Human body temperature measuring system: Can be remote campus teachers and students real-time non-sensing temperature, human body temperature over temperature alarm, health file management.

Face attendance system: Campus teachers and students' class, teaching attendance management.

Vehicle identification systems: Blacklist, license plate vehicle identification alarm, vehicle violation stop alarm.

Video monitoring system: No dead-end HD monitoring of important locations on campus, and behavior analysis of perimeter areas and other alarms.

APP: Can watch the real-time, query video recording, receive, and query alarm information.

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