SN-T5 Configuration Guide

1.Login the camera web interface on IE, make sure the new plugin has correctly installed.

Note: close the browser while installing the plugin.

2.Parameter configuration

1)Enable face detection

2)Draw the area according to the real scenario, max. 8 areas supported, usually we use one detection area to cover where people could potentially appear in 3-5m.


3)For confidence coefficient, we suggest to keep the default value. It’ s for face matching level with the model built in algorithm.

4)For face pixel min and max, we suggest to keep the default value. Faces only in this range can be detected.

5)We have two snapshot mode.

Timing: ‘upload interval’ is associated with ‘timing’, camera will upload one picture every 5 seconds;

Optical: ‘snapshot count’ is associated with ‘optical’, camera will upload the best face picture in 5 seconds.

6)For other settings, we suggest to keep as default.

7)On ‘temperature parameters’ tag.


We need to enable the button first.

Select the unit depending on your habits.

[IMPORTANT] Set the mount distance according to the real installation, whose value should be the horizontal distance from the detection area to the camera.

For other settings, we suggest to keep as default.

Hit ‘apply’ to save the settings.

3.[IMPORTANT] Thermal mapping

This step is mainly for matching the thermal image with the visible image, which can ensure the measurement accuracy.

1)Adjust the zoom times and focus on the visible image.

2)There are eight groups of ID, and each group ID contains three points.

3)Pick out three points that you can clearly see in the thermal image, mark them with point1, point2 and point3.


4)Find the three locations of the three points in the visible image, and mark them with the same point numbers associated with those in thermal image.

Note: we suggest to choose three points that far away from each other, so the triangle of ABC can cover 70% of the image.

5)Hit ‘apply’ to save the settings.

6)Test if the rectangle can correctly surround the face, and perfect it by adjusting the three points.

4.Thermal calibration

1)Install the blackbody properly where the camera can see it. The blackbody needs to be powered on for at least 20 mins to reach to a stable temperature.

2)Enable the button.

3)If you turn on ‘display area info’, the blackbody will also be showed in a rectangle with temperature on thermal image.

4)Put the real installation distance and temperature that showing on the blackbody, 40 is the default value.

5)Keep the ‘emission rate’ as the default value.

6)Draw an area to cover the black body.


7)Hit ‘apply’ to save the settings.

Writer: Leo

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