• Q1: How to make a record in Sunview?2021-10-14
  • If you don't have NVR but  need to record in the sunview , please set following the steps:

    1. set the right path for the records

    2. go to Live View, click "Start Record" on he image to start to record

    3. there is a flashing red point during the recording:

    4. click "Start Record" again to end the recording.

  • Q2: How to set "Layout" in Sunview2021-09-01
  • 1. go to Layout 

    2. create a new Layout 

    3. drag some devices into the window, (here we drag 3 devices)

    4. set an internal time (here we set 10 Secs)

    So in this case, the 3 devices will be displayed in this window per 10 secs in turn.

  • Q3: How to export the system logs in the Sunview2021-07-31
  • Click the button "configuration" ->Log Export->Export the logs, Please refer to the picture below :

  • Q4: How to change the language in the Sunview2021-07-31
  • in the Sunview, you can change the language and please refer to the picture below :

  • Q5: How to delete the Registry information for Sunview2020-11-16
  • 1. If you uninstall the old version of sunview manually, and then try to install new version, maybe you will have this problem

    2. It means you didn’t uninstall the old version completely,  so some files still save in the registry

    3. open the regedit.exe like this

    4. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432Node, find the folder “vmSystem” , and delete it directly.

    5. then you can install the new version correctly.

  • Q6: How to enable mask recognition function in Sunview?2020-11-16
  • 1. Login the Sunview

    2. Open Servers module

    3. Enable the "Mask recognition" function ,show in below.

    4. Then the sunview will start to monitor whether you are wearing the mask.

  • Q7: How to generate a temperature search report?2020-11-16
  • 1. Login the Sunview.

    2. Running "Temperature Search".

    3. Choose "Type, peroid, group ..etc".

    4. click "Search"

    5. click"Export",select export mode, and click "ok"

    6. Generate a report.

  • Q8: How to demostrate face and temperature detection in Sunview?2020-11-16
  • 1. Login the Sunview

    2. Adding device into Sunview

    3 . Openning Temperature screening module

    4. Monitoring the devices...

  • Q9: How to choose the language in Sunview2020-11-16
  • 1. Login the Sunview

    2. Choose the language in the upper right corner

  • Q10: What formats do face photos support?2020-11-16
  • It can support JPG, PNG format.
  • Q11: Why does it show -4010 error number when you try to log into the server from the client?2020-11-16
  • 1. Confirm whether the client can ping the server

    2. Turn off the firewall on the server side

    3. Add the trusted client IP address and program at the server firewall

  • Q12: What is the IP address of
  • is the return address, which also refers to the IP address of the PC where the SUNVIEW is installed. If the server is installed on the local computer, it can access the server through the default IP address of You can also enter the IP address assigned to the PC. For example:

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