Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell High-Altitude Observation Monitoring Solution

Sunell Heavy Duty bi-spectrum PTZ Thermal Camera

High-altitude observation monitoring and early warning solution:

The monitor range of ordinary cameras is generally within a few hundred meters. Due to the environmental obstructions and the limitations of the camera itself, it cannot meet the requirements of large-scale, beyond visual range, and accurate monitoring around the clock.

Sunell high-altitude observation monitoring and early warning system including an integrated ultra-long-distance HD visible light lens and thermal imaging camera and 360 degree precision rotation heavy-duty PTZ network camera. It can achieve 24/7 remote online monitoring including wide-angle and wide-range monitoring and precise monitoring of specific objects.

It can be widely deployed in Safecity, Intelligent Transportation system, Urban Fire Protection, Environmental Monitoring, ports and docks, Forest Fire Protection, Border and Coastal Defense, etc.

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