Sunell IFSEC India 2019 Show Dec 20, 2018

On December 5th, Sunell Technology made its debut at IFSEC INDIA, during the exhibition Sunell was showing an innovative integrated video management platform, new products with AI, 4 lens panoramic camera and best in class thermal imaging products. All these solutions are purposely being made for professional customers, and vividly show how "AI + security" come together to increase safety around the globe.

Intelligence and AI vision

From the perspective of the development trend of the global security industry, “intelligence” has become a trend. The “AI+ Security” new products program exhibited by Sunell has attracted many professional visitors to the both who wanted to experience future of the security industry that is being paved today.

Among them, a special thermal imaging product that is called ”Body Temp-detection Smart Thermal Camera”. It has a temperature measurement accuracy of ≤0.3°C, supports simultaneous temperature measurement of 16 targets, with response time less than 30 milliseconds. "Body Temp-detection Smart Thermal Camera" can be widely used in schools, customs, hospitals, airports, stations and other places. This advanced product combines Sunell's traditional thermal imaging temperature measurement technology and face recognition AI technology to offer successful temperature measurement of the human that is accurate and fast.

SunView 1.0 integrated video management platform is the latest large-scale integrated video management platform software from Sunell. Its flexible modular application and efficient distributed architecture can help users to easily build large, medium and small video monitoring management systems to achieve easier management as a whole. SunView 1.0 integrates Sunell's latest face recognition AI system, which can easily and intelligently realize the functions of “searching by image”, “face comparison and recognition” and “personal temperature measurement file management”. Face comparison speed can reach more than 30 pictures per second.

In addition to the product mentioned above, Sunell was displaying some new products such as the 2nd generation 4 sensors 32MP camera with seamless stitching and 720° field of view.

Leading the future, the brand gathers momentum again

With more Chinese companies starting to expand their business beyond China’s border, they start to face the real competition in which only the companies with independent technological innovation and branded policy can be approved by the market and it becomes the only way to achieve sustainable development outside of China and become to bigger and stronger.

After 21 years of technology accumulation and market capture, Sunell has already find out a way to create an international brand that belongs to the company. From the followers of Chinese security companies many years ago to the leaders of today's security landscape, like many outstanding Chinese companies, Sunell relies on the years of technology accumulation and innovation in video capture, analysis, storage and application. In the independent research and development and business development of intelligent video hardware and software, we are committed to become the "Leading of the global intelligent video".

As the leader of national security enterprises, Sunell has not forgotten its initial intentions and has been continuously adapt to the market demands by bringing innovations and breakthroughs in application-level technology to create high-value products and services that exceed customer expectations.

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