Sunell participated at the 2018 ISC WEST Exhibition with notion to create a successful brand July 03, 2018

On April 11th, The 2018 ISC WEST International Security Exhibition kicked off in Las Vegas, USA. In recent years, driven by the rapid development of the global security industry, the world´s major security companies have been gathering in the US West Exhibition to display the new products and technologies. For this exhibition, Sunell Technology, which specializes in smart video field for 21 years, has vividly displayed a smart video products and solution that can be described as“smart security”.

Highlight №1: Leadership in non-visible light technology, creation of all-weather monitoring

Sunell Technology has always been in the leading position in the field of non-visible light. The latest temperature-measurement technology displayed this time is a combination of temperature-measured thermal imaging and visible light intelligent face recognition algorithm technology that allows to measure the temperature a human body, determine the groups of people with a fever, quickly screens epidemic outbreak, real time accurate temperature measurement, and provides users with comprehensive and intelligent real-time all-weather monitoring, which is very suitable for airports, docks, stations, hospitals, shopping malls, kindergartens, schools and other places that have large concentration of people.

Highlight №2: IMS Integrated Management Platform Improves Efficiency of Smart Decisions

Sunell’s IMS video integrated management platform fully supports high-definition network systems. It also allows access and management of the devices such as coaxial high-definition systems and seamless access to software and hardware, providing customers with a one-stop product solution.

Access to the front-end high-definition video and real-time preview not only make storage and remote APP access more convenient, but also gives customers a faster way of digging out valuable information from a video with big data and provide accurate and effective basis for decision-making.

Highlight №3: Smart Home Focus, Eco-Scene Experience Upgrade

The smart accessories that have been displayed at Sunell´s smart home area, include various products, like: intelligent temperature and humidity monitors, PIR infrared detectors, smoke detectors, remote controls, bright lights, door magnets, and flood detectors. These products can send a stress call to NVR which will instantly send alarm information to the View Pro3 platform where it will be possible to monitor situation, and all this brings us to a true smart life.

Highlight №4: Expand the development of the third-party platforms and efficient IPC

During the exhibition Sunell has demonstrated the actual compatibility effects with Genetec, Milestone, Exaq Vision and other platforms. As of now, Sunell’s IP cameras have successfully achieved the compatibility with more than 20 platforms through the latest version of Onvif´s protocol. This means that Sunell cameras can directly interface with these mainstream platforms and use all the functions under the Onvif protocol, allowing to reduce the compatibility costs for the integrators and bring benefits to the customers.

Highlight №5: Customized personalized requirements to accurately solve users problems

Sunell upholds the concept of providing more diverse and more professional security products for the subdivided industries. With its own R&D and production capabilities, over the years, Sunell has “created” many special products for the railway transportation, campus, banks and other industries that has satisfied cross-industry monitoring requirements, and achieved customers personalized needs

New Breakthrough in Brand Development

By participating in the 2018 United States ISC West grand scale annual exhibition, Sunell through its own innovative brand showed to the public it´s own high standards for security and connectivity in all areas of the infinite possible future.Sunell Technology, with its stunning performance, fully demonstrated the company´s tireless pursuit of intelligence and quality, and also demonstrated its determination to adhere the internationalization strategy and accurate market expansion.

Founded in 1997, Sunell, in the field of intelligent video, has been delivering great products for more then 20 years already. Company has been constantly accumulating a powerful potential energy, improving its quality and has made continuous progress on the road to becoming a world-class brand.
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