Sunell set off a “New storm” of intelligence and security at Dubai INTERSEC 2018 July 03, 2018

On January 21, Dubai INTERSEC 2018 opened to the customers and visitors from all over the world. With the latest product solutions and leading thermal imaging technology, Sunell set off a new storm of intelligence and security to showcase research and development strength as well as passion to innovation which have been a core of the company for the past 20 years.

Leading the "New trend": intelligent platform, one-stop solution

At the show, Sunell showcased the newest IMS 3.0--video integrated management platform which fully supports access and management of the devices such as high-definition network system (IPC / NVR) and coaxial high-definition system (DVR / HD DVR) also realizes seamless access to software and hardware, and provides one-stop product solutions.

The IMS Video Integrated Management Platform has support for Sunell’s latest panoramic fisheye, mini HD PTZ, Starlight PTZ and other high-definition video and real-time preview cameras.

Subvert the "New standard": top technology for all-day intelligent monitoring

Sunell’s thermal imaging attracted countless visitors to the company´s stand. Sunell thermal imaging through thermometric thermal imaging combined with visible light intelligent face recognition algorithm Non-contact determination of the body’s temperature. To receive body temperature testing results a tester must be 5 to 8 meters away from the testing equipment. Testing staff using remote access can very fast do human body temperature screening and determine the over-temperature crowd, in order to achieve the isolation of potential epidemic group. Thermal imaging is very suitable for airports, docks, railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls, kindergartens, schools and other places with public traffic flow where fast Investigation of the body temperature can be needed.

In addition to the face recognition test as said above, Sunell Technology, which has the full range of "Analog + HD IPC + HD Analog" sets of "Cameras + NVR/DVR + platform" visible light video processing solutions, also has infrared measurement warm-type thermal imaging camera products. They can achieve accurate all-day real-time temperature measurement without infrared lamp or visible light, in the perimeter without any light source and ensure the accurate temperature of the system in the whole working range.

Energize "New Horizons": intelligent monitoring, enabling ideal environment

Sunell smart accessories include: intelligent temperature and humidity monitor, PIR infrared detector, smoke detector, remote, smart lamp, door magnet, water detector. Through the emergency call function, alarm information from the NVR is sent to InView Pro3 platform to achieve personalized, intelligent remote alarm and monitoring, allowing users truly enjoy the intelligent monitoring of life by bringing unprecedented comfort and convenience.

In addition, Sunell smart home wireless HI suite can be installed without damaging the original home design wireless cameras and smart sensors, achieving more convenient and comprehensive security experience.

Sunell’s main mission is to take a lead in the new era of the connection within all living things

INTERSEC is an important international exhibition stage, and the goal of every Chinese brand is to demonstrate China´s intellectual capabilities. With more than 20 years of accumulated research and development, Sunell proved to overseas markets that China has profound technology and rich product solutions in the security field. Determination of Sunell is to promote the development of the industry using innovative technologies and creating industry with intelligent security ecology.

The road to innovation is a long road and with more than 20 years of a thorough development in security industry, coming from a pursuer to a leader, Sunell has always been committed to bring connection to a safer world. With the advent of the Internet in every aspects of our life, Sunell will also actively layout in overseas markets, participate in global competition, and maintain position of a strong leader in the global security industry.

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