Sunell showed its strength at the Exhibition in South Korea by upgrading its Overseas Strategy July 03, 2018

Just in 2017, Sunell made great strides on the road to internationalization. In January 2018, following the implementation of the “Overseas Strategy” after participation in the Dubai Exhibition, Sunell’s Overseas Legion continued its way on showcasing smart video products at the Korea Security Exhibition on March 14th.The core of the overseas strategy is driven by innovation. Sunell’s series of innovative intelligent video products demonstrate the national brand style and present a “smart” and “connected” visual and experiential feast for the crowd.

Science and Technology Core - Exploring the Brightness of Night

The star-class cameras and ultra-wide dynamic cameras showed during the exhibition symbolize that Sunell once again took advantage of its “technological innovation” in its journey to conquer the “night”.
The starlight camera, called the “Night Patron Saint”, uses a Sony Sensor, which provides a minimum illumination of 0.001Lux. This is especially suitable for nighttime and weak light sources environment, providing users with brighter and more convenient living and working methods.

Ultra-wide dynamic camera with the wide dynamic range up to 140dB, appealed to a lot of professional customers because of it’s clear image quality, color accuracy, streamlined smooth and low-light excellent imaging as well as suitable for light intensity contrast scene.

Leading Innovation - Accurate Temperature Measurement

By demonstrating temperature-based thermal imaging, Sunell has proved to be a global leader in the field of non-visible light.The staff demonstrated that through the combination of thermo graphic thermal imaging and visible light intelligent face recognition algorithm technology, it is possible to “air-space” the human body to measure temperature.

“It is possible to identify high body temperature people and thus quickly help to isolate the potential epidemic source. This technology is very suitable for rapid human body temperature investigations in the different places like airports, docks, stations, hospitals, shopping malls, kindergartens, and schools." The technology introduction by our staff.Currently, thanks to its innovative R&D technology, Sunell has a full range of visible light solutions: “Analog+IP+Digital” and “Cameras+DVRs/NVRs+Platform”. It also has non-visible thermal imaging products. All-weather real-time accurate temperature measurement provides users with comprehensive and intelligent real-world monitoring scenarios.

Leading the trend – smart ecology experience

Sunell’s IMS video integrated management platform has become another highlight. The platform fully supports the access and management of high-definition network systems, coaxial high-definition systems, and other systems, enabling seamless access to software and hardware, providing a one-stop service in a true sense of a product solution.


Sunell invests in research and development to be able to create advanced products. During the exhibition there have been introduced panoramic fisheye, mini high-definition PTZ, star-level PTZ and other innovative products. Consumers can expect more efficient, convenient and smart operating experience achieved by camera-NVR/DVR high-definition video access and real-time preview, storage and remote APP access.

Follow the heart - start the wisdom of life

With people´s demands on the home environment, more convenient, easier and safer requirements have been presented. Sunell’s smart home products that have been shown, not only have intelligence, but also create a safe and convenient service experience for users.

 Smart accessory detectors from Sunell, including intelligent temperature and humidity monitors, PIR infrared detectors, smoke detectors, remote controls, colored lights, door magnets, and water immersion detectors, can provide emergency call information to NVR that will immediately sent information to the Inview Pro3 platform. Personalized and intelligent remote alarming and monitoring not only enhances convenience, but also are smarter, more interesting, and allowing users to truly open a smart life.

Adhere to the achievements of the brand, Sunell accelerate the promotion of the strategy for the overseas.The year of 2018 is the eleventh year for Sunell in opening up overseas markets.

 In the first ten years, Sunell has laid out its own unique service system, and its products and services have served to 93 countries and regions in the world. Security intelligence is a major trend and as a Chinese company with a global safety mission, Sunell does everything when it is necessary to solve consumer’s demands. Under the opportunity of international development, Sunell Technology will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation. For the international market, we provide support in terms of strategy, resources, and localized products development, and strive to make smart, higher-end, high-quality products to users around the world.

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