Sunell sparkles at IPAS, leading the whole world in innovation Oct 08, 2018

On October 1, Sunell Technology United with its local agent began a brand display tour in the Middle East market. Sunell brings innovative AI products, 32MP panoramic cameras, and thermal imaging solutions unveiled at the IPAS exhibition. Sunell full matrix universal products have won the attention of the global audience and praise, become a well-deserved " China's intellectual creation " representatives.

The innovative strategy speeds up the process of intelligence

In the era of AI enabling all things, the security industry is also facing the test of "intelligent" upgrade. Sunell Technology, as the leader of intelligent video, actively embraces the beautiful era of AI and speeds up the innovation war. In the context of the new strategy, Sunell came up with the idea of artificial intelligent strategy at an early stage. Now, ready to develop, heavy roll out AI products. The display of face recognition camera made innovation in the traditional camera equipment, the algorithm, scene applicability, environmental adaptability. Relying on the depth algorithm and imitating the behavior characteristics of human neural network, the fast distributed parallel information processing is realized. It has the characteristics of high detection rate, large amount of single detection, rich detection types and so on.


According to Wu Ling, general manager of Sunell, 2018 is the first year of innovation for Sunell Technology. This year, it has entered Technology, quality, efficiency, power of the major period of development. Drive brand core power with innovation, create. Technology innovation-driven smart video providers are now at the heart of the strategy.

The solid foundation and diversified development upgrading climb the peak

After 21 years of precipitation and accumulation, Sunell continue to diversified development in the general products. The exhibition of thermal imaging upgrades combined with many years of visible light experience, upgrades the software. Combined with AI technology, continually make efforts in intelligent analysis and face recognition, and truly realize multi-spectral all-weather intelligent video surveillance. Control with a clear industry-leading competitive advantage, the intelligent video surveillance industry to a new height.

In addition, Sunell exhibited another innovative 32 MP panoramic 3D multi-view camera, the world's first 3D panoramic camera with 24x7 hours of monitoring, supporting 180/360/ 720-degree stereo panoramas, etc. It has exhibited the industry the most cutting-edge innovative ideas. In the exhibition, the wonderful appearance of Sunell's full range of products showed the efforts of every engineer's innovation, creating high-end quality products, promoting green smart build, fitting the market scene, to bring customers a more intelligent and safer experience.

Suiting measures to Local conditions and realizing Localization Penetration

In order to further develop the global market, starting from 2007, the layout of Sunell in brand globalization has been systematically developing. In accordance with the national conditions of each country, the market wind direction, superior resources, Sunell launched localization strategy to meet the different needs of the market. Sunell has gained a good reputation in the local market for its software facilities and interactive experience through the continuous introduction of local services in recent years.

In the future, on the road of internationalization, Sunell will continue to drive development with innovation, bring the innovative achievements with strong competitiveness onto the international stage and let the world understand and recognize the innovative strength of Chinese enterprises. Let " China's intellectual creation " shine brilliantly on the international stage.

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