Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell SunView CMS - Playback Introducing

Introducing SunView CMS, the ultimate solution for efficient video surveillance management. With its user-friendly playback control and alarm search features, you can easily navigate through footage and retrieve alarm events with just a few clicks. 

SunView CMS offers a flexible playback experience with support for up to 8x speed and 1/8 speed, and the ability to pause, play, and locate specific time periods accurately. Its playback in grid mode allows you to view footage in a grid view and quickly enter the playback interface. 

The alarm search feature is designed to simplify the process of retrieving alarm events by selecting different alarm types, alarm time, and processing status. With one-click search and batch processing and downloading, SunView CMS is the most efficient and effective tool for video surveillance management. 

In addition, SunView CMS offers easy-to-use backup video download and batch backup capabilities, ensuring that all important footage is backed up safely and securely. Experience the ultimate video surveillance management solution with SunView CMS today.

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