Sunell Technology brings creative Vision to Essen Security 2018 Sept 29, 2018

The exhibition is the most influential professional security exhibition in the field of public safety in Europe, and is also one of the three major security exhibitions in the world. As a leader in intelligent video, Sunell has presented the full range of products including products with AI integration, showing the strength of independent R&D to customers, manufacturers and users around the world, demonstrating the innovative capabilities of China's intelligent video companies.

Creating new dimension

In recent years, with spread of AI technology, intelligent analysis and thermal imaging, Sunell keeps producing the full range of “camera + recorder+ platform” and thermal imaging solutions. Company’s own Innovative technologies, built in software, hardware, systems, platforms and other comprehensive layouts ensure products quality and efficient experience. "After years of technical accumulation, as of now Sunell thermal imaging has fast and accurate temperature warning, high- resolution image and other advantages, our camera can quickly output temperature- related alarms, thus improving user application efficiency." - was been noted by Sunell’s technician during the exhibition.

At present, thermal imaging products are widely used, they can exert their high efficiency and precision and help with forest fire prevention as well as making possible perimeter intrusion alarms for maritime observation, energy security and other fields. Sunell thermal imaging products realize multi-spectral all-weather intelligent video surveillance. With these products Sunell refreshes the dimension of security + horizons of AI, and push the intelligent video surveillance industry to a new height.

Breaking through the commanding heights of innovation

Sunell has always been committed to bring connection with a safer and smarter world, without forgetting to implement more possibilities on the ground. In the era of the Internet, AI is capable of almost everything, with the evolution of the artificial intelligence and within security industry, Sunell takes innovation to its core and accelerates the creation of AI products. The cameras use AI in-depth algorithm to achieve distributed parallel information processing, using optimized 3A (AF, AE, AW) algorithm to ensure accurate image color reproduction, and clear face representation. This algorithm helps to transform massive video data and to structure data of the face information allowing high rate of the face detection, large single shot capture amount, and rich detection type.

In addition, Sunell exhibited another innovative 32 million panoramic 3D multi-view camera, the world's first 3D panoramic camera with 24x7 hours of monitoring, supporting 180, 360 and 720 degrees stereo panoramas, etc. It has the mechanism of stitching that doesn’t require NVR or any other software.

Rejuvenation and upgrade of the brand

During the exhibition, the wonderful appearance of Sunell's full range of products showed the efforts of every engineer's innovation.

In order to create high-end quality products and promote green intelligence, Sunell has promoted the application of high-tech industrialization, and focused on the craftsmanship coincided with the “artisan spirit” emphasized by Germany.

Sunell’s staff always adhere the pursuit of the quality, to bring more exciting and reliable experience to customers, and integrate the “artisan spirit” of focusing, excellence and innovation into every product and every process. In addition, in order to meet the customer's differentiated needs and to gain insight into the flaw points of different scenarios, Sunell’s various general-purpose products receive constant upgrades by injecting more humanized and intelligent functions.

Upgrading China's brand power

After 21 years of deep-growth, Sunell has been down-to-earth in the forefront of innovation in China. In the process of manufacturing and branding, we do not blindly follow the trend, but solidly cultivate internal strengths, adhere to the market, and meet the sustainable development path.

Innovation is the source of enterprise development. Sunell continues to upgrade its products, as well as its brand, and even the globalization of marketing strategy. During this exhibition, Sunell issued the strongest sound of “Created in China” that corresponds with quality and reliability.

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