Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell Thermal Cameras for the Protection of a Solar Park in Espana


Renewable energy companies rely on our SUNELL thermal cameras for the protection of their perimeters. In this case, the integrator that has carried out the installation is one of the main developers of perimeter security solutions in solar parks. With extensive experience in this sector, it is a leader in advanced security for renewable energies with multiple projects carried out in different countries.



The challenge was to provide remote and centralized surveillance coverage 24 hours a day on a perimeter of around 3.5KM, eliminating the need for face-to-face surveillance and minimizing overhead.



To reach the best solution, a previous study of coverage distances was carried out to choose the product that would best suit the actual installation. Since long-distance intrusion detections were required, the best suited solution was to use thermal technology. Thermal technology can be used for perimeter monitoring and the detection of intrusion movements. Also it allows, thanks to the thermal sensors, to capture the thermal energy that objects emit, even in conditions such as total darkness.

A total of 24 Sunell Thermal Cameras cover this extensive perimeter in its entirety along with 3 PTZs to support visual coverage at those points where an intrusion occurs. Our thermal imaging cameras from Sunell were chosen because of their high thermal resolution of up to 400x300 and their wide range of lenses, which can be adapted to the most demanding perimeter distances at any time.




Sunell's SN-TPC4201KT/F15, SN-TPC4201KT/F25 and SN-TPC4201KT/F35 were selected from various camera models. Cameras with 15, 25 and 35mm lenses respectively, which, thanks to their image sharpness, allow us to apply video analytics with professional systems up to 300m distance in the most extreme case. The characteristics of the cameras greatly facilitated the mode of operation in the installation thanks to their PoE power supply in all of them, without the need to include additional power supply elements in each of the camera points.


A photovoltaic park covers a large area of land, usually located on rural land, and can have tens of thousands of photovoltaic panels or even more, dedicated to the collection of solar energy to transform it into electricity. These types of photovoltaic parks usually involve an investment of several million euros, so adding a small investment in their security is of vital importance.


Faced with the problem of security due to theft or vandalism and the insurance companies' deductibles for these concepts, it is logical to consider the viability of the specific security installations that protect and prevent the targeting of these photovoltaic solar installations in the feasibility study.

It is for all of the above that our Sunell thermal cameras are an ideal solution for perimeter protection over long distances, counteracting any adverse weather conditions that may occur in the installation and can be integrated with different video analytics software, such as Xtralis among the main brands.