Thermal Imaging of Sunell helps Fire Prevention and Control Monitoring in Forest and Steppe Oct 09, 2018

Recently, Premier Li's important instructions was read out at the national forest and grassland fire prevention teleconference, indicating deployment for prevention of the national forest and grassland fire.

        About Sunell's Thermal Imaging Technology

Sunell as a leading domestic provider of intelligent video products and solutions, provides research, development and innovation of intelligent video products and solutions to the whole world. Its products and solutions are applied in more than 113 countries and regions. Sunell combined with AI technology, intelligent analysis and face recognition continue to work hard to create a full series of "front-end + back-end + platform" thermal imaging solutions from 2012 to 2018. Adhering to the concept of "defining the new dimension of vision", strive to subvert the way of perception horizon, refresh the dimension of security + AI vision, lead the industry to change technology, and truly bring a new all-weather intelligent monitoring experience.

PTZ thermal imaging camera combined with network camera

The thermal imaging camera is a high-tech achievement of Sunell. Using the latest uncooled IRFPA microbolometer and self-developed image processing algorithm, equipped with the new generation of the thermal infrared high transmittance lens, that can detect infrared radiation without any light source, and can be used in bad weather conditions or even at night in dark environment and provide best in class clear picture.

For many years Sunell has been combining video processing technology of visible light camera developed by the company with thermal imaging technology. In China, the company has taken a lead in creating temperature-warning thermal imaging network cameras, where temperature measurement and network monitoring are combined allowing continuous temperature monitoring through a direct visualization, making forest fire prevention possible.

Forest and grassland Fire Prevention and Energy Project

        Sichuan Forest Fire Prevention Project

From 2015 to 2018, thermal imaging technology was successfully used in forest fire prevention projects in Ya'an, Jiulong County, Ebian Yi Autonomous County, Dechang County, Sichuan Province. Through the "temperature early warning type thermal imaging + high definition visible light" forest fire prevention image monitoring system, the monitoring point radius of 2 km to 3 km forest area, 24 hours real-time dynamic monitoring and detection of fire, help to investigate disaster and hidden dangers.

 Forest Fire Prevention Project in Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong Province

In 2015, thermal imaging technology was used in fire prevention projects in Laishan District of Yantai City, Shandong Province, long Island of Yantai City, Shandong Province, and Hongshan Cliff Forest, in Qingdao, to conduct 24-hour dynamic monitoring of forest areas with a radius of 2 km to 5 km around the monitoring point.

 Guangxi Damingshan Forest Fire Prevention Monitoring Project

Damingshan National Nature Reserve is located in the central part of Guangxi with a total area of 364 square kilometers. Through the prevention monitoring system which combines thermal imaging network camera with integrated temperature measurement early warning alarm and visible light HD IP camera, it was possible to achieve 24-hours real-time dynamic monitoring of the 5-km forest area around the monitoring point allowing real-time detection of disasters or hidden dangers.

On-line temperature Measurement and Inspection of Hengyang Substation in Hunan Province

"thermal imaging + 22 times high definition visible light" double-view network integrated fast head, 24-hour non-stop inspection, through the preset mode for different power equipment substation, on-line rapid detection of operating temperature, power electric power equipment periodic inspection. Eliminate sudden power equipment failure, may cause damage to power facilities and other losses.

Temperature measurement and early warning of photovoltaic power station in Xicun of Dali, Yunnan province 

Through the forest fire prevention monitoring system that has "thermal imaging camera with temperature measurement + high-definition IP camera", it is possible to detect fire and provide information for the on-site command when the disaster occurs.

Coastline Monitoring of Shenzhen Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station

        Other Project 

        Jilin grassland Fire Monitoring Station Project

        Hebei Forest Fire Prevention Project

        Yunnan Forest Fire Prevention Project

        Guangxi Forest Fire Prevention Project

        Hainan Forest Fire Protection Project

        Jiangxi Forest Fire Control Project


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