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Warehouse Solution about Network Products

Traditional surveillance uses ordinary cameras, infrared, smoke detectors, and other systems to realize anti-theft and fire prevention. It is a post-event alarm system and it is difficult to achieve early warning.

In response to the above-mentioned industry status, Sunell has launched a warehousing solution of "AI camera + temperature measurement thermal camera + intelligent management platform". The solution applies AI cameras to analyze and alarm the behavior of perimeter and restricted area intrusion, and to manage to enter and exiting personnel and vehicles; applies thermal cameras to achieve automatic alarms for objects with abnormal temperatures; applies an intelligent management platform to analyze front-end data, make decisions and issue early warnings in a timely manner, therefore it can effectively prevent fires, thefts, and other incidents, and greatly improved the safety management level of the warehousing industry.

Architecture of Warehouse Solution about Network Products

Ip Network Camera

Warehouse Solution about Network Products Features

AI intelligent analysis + thermal camera, full-time and no-dead-angle monitoring.

Support perimeter intrusion, a whitelist of entering and exiting personnel, objects removed, a whitelist of vehicles, etc., and expands applications such as attendance.

Real-time temperature detection on the materials stored in the warehouse, an instant alarm for over-temperature alarm.

Mobile APP: real-time live view, video recordings querying, alarm information receiving, and querying.

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