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What is Panoramic Video Camera?

Panoramic video camera is a camera device with a panoramic perspective, which can capture the image of the entire area within the camera's field of view. 

Panoramic Video Cameras Often Use Fisheye Lenses or Combinations of Multiple Cameras to Achieve This

The main feature of a panoramic video camera is that it can achieve all-round shooting, covering a wider area and providing a more comprehensive perspective. Images taken with it can simultaneously display the entire scene, not just a narrow angle. Panoramic video cameras usually have the following functions:

1.Multi-screen display: can display images from multiple angles on one screen.

2.High resolution: providing higher resolution to ensure better display effects.

3.Motion detection: can detect moving objects in the camera picture through intelligent algorithms to achieve automatic tracking and alarms.

4.Remote monitoring: can be used for remote monitoring through network connections, allowing users to view surveillance images anytime, anywhere.

Panoramic Video Cameras Have a Wide Range of Applications, Mainly in the Following Scenarios

1. Commercial places: such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. to monitor the entire venue.

2. Public transportation: such as subways, train stations, etc. to monitor passenger flow and safety.

3. Home security: can be used for monitoring the situation inside the home to ensure safety.

4.Construction sites: can be used for monitoring safety and construction progress on construction sites.

In short, panoramic video cameras are powerful monitoring devices with a wide range of applications, providing a more comprehensive perspective to enhance monitoring effects.