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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

What is the Thermal Imaging Camera?

Thermal Imaging Camera is a device used for detecting temperature and radiation. Its working principle is to reflect the radiation energy distribution map of the object being measured to the photosensitive element of the infrared detector through the infrared detector and the optical imaging lens, so as to obtain the thermogram, where different colors represent different temperatures.

Through the thermogram, we can use the radiation characteristic image formed by the temperature difference or radiation difference between the target and the background or the target to discover and recognize targets (such as personnel, vehicles, and animals). Its two basic functions are temperature measurement and night vision. Temperature measurement achieves non-contact remote online temperature measurement and device status detection. Night vision can easily detect and recognize targets through the thermogram in complete darkness, realizing all-weather monitoring.

Thermal Imaging Camera has applications in both military and civilian areas. It originated in the military field and gradually turned to civilian use, and then was widely used in electric power inspection, electrical equipment maintenance, industrial automation, forest fire prevention, fire rescue, inspection and quarantine, security monitoring and other traditional civil fields.