Solution Introduction

Traditional surveillance uses ordinary cameras, infrared, smoke detectors and other systems to realize anti-theft and fire prevention. It is a post-event alarm system and it is difficult to achieve early warning.

In response to the above-mentioned industry status, Sunell has launched a warehousing solution of "AI camera + temperature measurement thermal camera + intelligent management platform". The solution applies AI cameras to analyze and alarm the behavior of perimeter and restricted area intrusion, and to manage entering and exiting personnel and vehicles; applies thermal camera to achieve automatic alarms for objects with abnormal temperatures; applies intelligent management platform to analyze front-end data, make decisions and issue early warnings in a timely manner, therefore it can effectively prevent fires, thefts and other incidents, and greatly improved the safety management level of the warehousing industry.

Solution Architecture

Solution Features

  • AI intelligent analysis + thermal camera, full-time and no-dead-angle monitoring,
  • Support perimeter intrusion, whitelist of entering and exiting personnel, object removed, whitelist of vehicles, etc., and expands applications such as attendance,
  • Real-time temperature detection on the materials stored in the warehouse, and instant alarm for over-temperature alarm,
  • Mobile APP: real-time live view, video recordings querying, alarm information receiving and querying.

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