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Network Cameras

How to judge whether it is a fixed camera or a vari focal camera?

First we can look into the appearance of the camera. Normally the dimension of camera with fix lens is less than camera with vari-focal lens. Meanwhile the vari-focal camera has auxiliary components, such as iris control, motor, gear. Secondly we can refer to specification of lens. Generally the focal length of fixed camera is a fix value, shown in the picture below:

Focal Length3.6mm±5%
Aperture (D/f)F2.0±5%
Image Circle1/2.7">6.9mm
Focus Range0.3m~INF

While the focal length of the vari-focal camera is a range of value, shown in the picture below:

F No.1.5±5%
Focal Length3.6-11mm±5%
Optical Back Focal Length6.24mm (In Air)±0.1
Mechanical Back Focal Length13.20mm (In Air)±0.1
Image Circle9

How to adjust the luminance of IR?

Invoke sensor settings by right clicking on live video, change to fixed mode and then adjust the value under Day-night settings.

Video Surveillance

There are two camera video displayed at one channel randomly?

This could be caused by IP conflict, please change the IP address of one device.

How to login the camera on web for the first time?

As DHCP is opened by default, if camera is not allocated with IP by DHCP service, its default IP is, and login account/password: admin/admin

How to adjust the image parameter like Brightness, Sharpness, Saturation and Contrast?

Right click the live video, select sensor, switch to debug mode and set it at the image menu:

Security Surveillance

How to use the Time segment function?

At sensor setting menu, you can set at most 4 scheme for image setting and period, After the setting is completed, switch the mode back to standard mode, then the camera will apply the image parameter according to which time segment it was in, if time is not in these 4 scheme, it will apply the default setting, If time cross two different scheme, the previous scheme will work.

CCTV Video Surveillance

The Relationship Between Focal Length and Monitor Distance

please refer to the table as below

Focal Length

Field of view (e.g)

Recommend monitor distance



About 3 meters



About 6 meters



About 10 meters



About 20 meters



About 30 meters



About 50 meters



About 80 meters

※Field of view angle varies from different model, refer to the official   website for accurate parameter

What is the function of Anti-shake?

When the camera is installed at unstable condition (such as at vehicle or tree, the anti-shake function will increase stability of image

CCTV Surveillance Company

How to set the white balance?

Enter the Sensor setting interface, adjust the white balance mode at WB menu

IP Products

How to set the shutter?

Call the sensor setting interface, adjust the shutter at exposure menu

IP Based Products

Could we check the live view by the browser on phone?

Not support, if need to check video by phone, please use the APP.

What phenomena might occur if lack of power supply?

Lack of power supply might cause phenomena as below:

IR LED switches frequently

The camera might reboot frequently

How to recognize the positive and negative pole of power cable on speed dome camera?

If power is AC24V, no need to distinguish the cable, if power is DC, please refer to the label on cable, the red is positive and black is negative in default.

Could the POE camera connect to the power cable at the same time?

Yes, if the camera is charged by POE and power cable at the same time, camera will select the more stable one to acquire electricity according to the actual condition, it will not burn the camera.

The IP camera cannot be upgraded?

The network is disconnected, please Ping to check. The upgrade package is incorrect, please confirm with manufacturer.

IP camera will restart every few minutes or sometimes hang?

Input Voltage instability or Low Voltage, change another power

Very bad Operating environment

Firmware not work properly, try upgrade again

SD card can't be used?

SD card not format, please format the SD card first

Not support the size of SD card, currently only support: 2, 4, 8, 12, 32GB SD card

How to ping?

Ping command is used to check the connection between PC and camera: 


Click on the orb (start menue), and choose Run. In the window that pops up, type cmd as follows:

Press "windows +R" on the keyboard, input "CMD" in the Run Window



You should now see an open black DOS window. At the prompt sign, type in the following:

 ping +space+ IP

Result from connection is successful:

Video Surveillance Products

Result from connection is unreachable or network is poor:

Surveillance Product

You can also use the ping -t as show below. This will allow the ping to keep running so if your having random drops you can let the ping run over and over till you see the drop:

Security Surveillance Products

Pressing "Ctrl+C" will stop this and get you back to the prompt.

What are commonly used streams?

Video Encode Type: H265, H264, MJPEG


H.264, H.265 and VP8/9 are video in the way that we normally think of video. H.264/5 are even the type of files you watch when you are watching movies at the movie theater.


H.264, H.265 and VP8/9 are video in the way that we normally think of video. H.264/5 are even the type of files you watch when you are watching movies at the movie theater.


MJPEG has one clear advantage to everything else: It works in any browser! The problem is that it takes about 5-20x the hard drive space as H.264, which means that long term data retention is absurdly expensive. It also take 5-20x the processing power of H.264, which is why it is usually limited to the lowest resolution cameras or HD cameras that only can record when they detect motion.

Because MJPEG files are so inefficient, MJPEG is really only used on cameras where you don't have to worry about storing lots of data.

Block Oriented Compression Example.

Can we use the camera in strong light condition?

No, we don't suggest you to install or use camera in strong light condition. 

How to use the focus function in the camera?

1. for normal IPC, right-click on the living video --->click "sensor"--->change to "Debug Mode"---> select "Zoom Focus" 

IP Camera

2. For PTZ

click "PTZ" in the main web page, then adjust the focus

IP Camera Application

How to capture with an IPC?

1. click "snapshot" button to get a image

IP Camera China

2. you can set the default path here:

IP Camera Company

How to install activeX control for the first time?

Usually, If you use the IP Cameras for the first time, it will prompt you to install the ActiveX control after you login to web sucessfully. 

Before download and isntall it correctly. then reopen the IE broswer to make it to be efficient.

How to deal with it if the IP can't be found?

1. The default IP is for IP cameras, you can ping to it in the "CMD"

IP Camera Manufacturers

2. Please ask the technical supports or sales in Sunell for "IP search Tool", it would be useful.

IP Camera Suppliers

What's the maximum capacity of SD card?

For most of sunell IP Cameras, the maximum capacity of SD card is 128GB.

Usually the range of the capacity is 4GB~32GB

Does the IP cameras can support NAS storage?

Usually, our IP camereas can not support NAS storage, input the corresponding values, and it would be effective.

IP Camera Resolution

How can I assign a static IP address to my network camera?

go to "Configuration" option. close "DCHP", enter ip address, subnet mask and default gateway., DNS server is optional., click "apply" to make it effective.

IP Camera View

Which web browsers support Sunell video products?

1. IE 11 or above

2. google chrome

3. firefox

4. the browser with IE kernel

How can I access my IPC from the internet?

1. access IPC in LAN

1)open the IE browser, enter the IP address of IPC(default ip is

2)enter the account/password(both are "admin" defaultly)

IP Based Cctv Camera

2. access IPC in WLAN

1)connect this IPC to router, which is connect to WLAN

2)set port mapping

Network Cctv Camera

   3)and  go to Configuration->Network Service->Port Mapping, you can check the current status

IP Kamera

 4)then open the IE again, you can access this IPC in WLAN (any time, any where)

for example:

There are interference fringes in the image?

1) Inspecting the connection of video lines, it is suggested that the video transmission lines should be reorganized, and the standard 75 ohm coaxial cable should be used to transmit the video and make good grounding.

2) Confirmation of power supply, inadequate power supply or mismatch of power supply will interfere with video.

3) Ball machine failure will cause interference stripes in video, such as bad contact or bad contact of ball machine sliding ring. Suggestions for replacement, maintenance and treatment.

Why does the image has white dot?

Electronic shutter or white balance settings are problematic. When the camera leaves the factory, all kinds of adjusting devices are usually set in the best default position. If there is no special need, it is better to keep the default settings unchanged.

Introduction of main webpage

IP Network Camera

1. Real-time video area: Real-time videos are played in this area. You can also set sensor parameters.

2. Playback: You can query the playback videos in this area.

3. Device configuration: You can choose a menu to set device parameters, including the device information, audio and video streams, alarm setting, and privacy mask function.

4. Alarm icon: When the device generates an alarm, the alarm icon is displayed. You can click this icon to view the alarm information.

5. Fault icon: When the device encounters an exception, the fault icon is displayed. 

6. Change password: You can click it to change the password.

7. Sign out: You can click it to return to the login page.

How to control the PTZ?

All PTZ functions are only available to High Speed Network Dome and device connected to an external PTZ.

Click  PTZ icon below the Live Video page to open the PTZ Control page, you can click the eight arrow keys to move the PTZ in eight directions. You can also zoom the lens and adjust the focal length.

IP Security Camera

IP Surveillance Cameras

How to set Video Encode Type for IPC (H265, H264, MJPEG)?

1. Login the webpage

2. Go to Configuration -->Stream, then you can set video encode for stream1, 2, and 3 separately.

Network Camera System

3. And in this page, you can also set many other options. it includes: video encode level, audio encode type, resolution, frame rate, I frame interval, bit rate type, max bitrate and image quality.

4. Click "Apply" to save all the options which have been changed. 

What to do if can't find the IP address of IP camera?

1. Visit the link in below then download "IPSearch" tool.

Network Security Camera

2. Running this tool, then click "Start" button to search the all IP address in the lan 

(Note: Please make sure the IP cameras are working in a lan environment)

Smart HD IP Camera

3. Beyond that, you can also set the IP, DNS with this tool.

What's the effective distance of VGA Line?

1. VGA data line is used to connect VGA interface equipment. Usually the length range is 1.5meters ~15meters.

Smart IP Camera

2. Generally, the quality of VGA signal will seriously decline when the signal transmission distance exceeds 15 meters. 

3. If the actual distance is too far, please use VGA extender to extend the transmission range. For example: only for a reference.

Waterproof IP Camera

What is in the LAN?

1. if you are using our sunell devices. Usually, you will see the packages like this: 

IP Poe Kamera

2. what's the

From the above address division, belongs to the class D website, that is, the multicast address. It is a reserved address. It does not point to a specific network, and this type of address is currently used in multicasting. Multicast address is used to address a group of computers at a time, it identifies a group of computers sharing the same protocol

3. Packet information decomposition

By tracking the UDP stream information, we can see the contents of each package, as shown below:

Poe IP Camera

4. where does it comes from?

This is a parameter set in our "IP Search Tool". Through this multicast address, all Jingyang machines can send information to the tool to display the product information on the search tool.

And this value is fixed in the tool, we can not see.

Of course, with this package, we can understand more clearly how IP search tools work, and it is also very good.

Poe IP Kamera

How to set FTP on IPC?

1. go to FTP setting interface, and start FTP, see in the below:

What is in the LAN?

Poe Security Cameras

2. settings:

How to set FTP on IPC?

Power over Ethernet Camera

3. click "Test FTP"

IP Video Surveillance

Note: please turn off the firewall and anti-viruse software before test FTP function.

How to open the HTTPS on the IPC?

1. Login the IPC

2. go to "Configuration"->"Device"->"System"->"Web Mode"

PTZ Camera China

3. select HTTPS and click to confirm it

PTZ Camera Company

4. the IPC will restart

PTZ Camera Factory

5. Then the new access address is: (for example)

PTZ Camera Function

How to check when you failed to open the IPC's webpage?

1. Check the IP is correct or not, use our ip search tool to find it.

2. Check the port is correct or not, our default port is 80, if the manager changed it, it may not be the default value. (default typing

3. Check the "http" protocol has been changed to https, then you need to type, but not

4. Make sure the password is correct. The default account infor. is admin/admin

5. Make sure the network port hardware is working fine. it will flicker all the time. 


IEEE 802.1X is a standard to authenticate network clients (or ports) according to user ID or device. This process is called "port-level authentication". It uses RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-up User Service) method and divides it into three different groups: requester, authenticator and authorized server.

The 802.1X standard applies to terminal devices and users (requesters) attempting to connect to ports or other devices, such as Cisco Catalyst switches or Cisco Aironet series access points (authenticators). Authentication and authorization are implemented through back-end communication of authentication servers such as Cisco Secure ACS. IEEE 802.1X provides automatic user identification, centralized authentication, key management and LAN connection configuration. The whole 802.1x implementation design consists of three parts: requester system, authentication system and authentication server system.

In our IPC, you can see the setting: Network Service->802.1X

How to enable function of pushing alarm info. to app on the IPC?

1. Login the IPC

2. Go to push Message->Configuration

3. Enable the option "Push Message"


How to see Video Stream Draw Line?

1. For example, Open "Video Stream Draw Line" in Intelligent Analysis

PTZ Camera Meaning

2. set the related area

PTZ Camera PDF

3.  in the "Live Video" interface, select "stream2" in the Stream option. then you can see the Line

PTZ Camera Sale

How to set PTZ tour on the web?

1. open PTZ control panel

PTZ Camera Suppliers

2. Select an area with the mouse, and Set preset ID:1 Name: area1, then click "+" 

PTZ Camera Types

3. Select an area with the mouse again, and Set preset ID:2 Name: area2, then click"+"

PTZ Camera Uses

4. go to "Tour", here show you how to add two preset points "area1 and area2" to a tour: 

Ptz Camera Video

Ptz Camera Working

How many preset points could be added to one tour?

In the tour setting of PTZ, you can add 32 preset points into one tour at most.

Read More


Hard disk alarm or unable to record video

1. Make sure the hard disk is well (check by replacing with another new one)

2. When hanging with multiple hard disk, note that the power supply can meet the requirement, monitoring specialized hard disk is more stable with smaller starting current, lower working speed and consume less power than consumer hard disk, if power supply is not enough, the hard disk will not be able to work, which result in disk unrecognized and recording failure.

3. If NVR can read the disk, please format the disk first, as in most cases, repeating read and write will generate disk fragmentation or bad sectors, a formatting process will skip or repair the bad sector.

What is the default IP of NVR?

Default IP of NVR is

Is it possible to add third party IPC to Sunell NVR?

Yes, it is accessible for those third-party devices which support ONVIF protocol.

NVR can not acquire the IP address automatically?

Please connect the NVR to Router, and make sure the DHCP function of router is enabled,and open the function of automatically getting IP on NVR network setting menu

How to get RTSP stream from NVR?

RTSP format: rtsp://ip:port/snl/live/cameraid/streamid

Example: rtsp://

Ptz Camera Outdoor

NVR can not add POE camera?

1. please check if the username and password is correct when adding the camera

2. network cable issue, please use CAT5e or CAT6e cable, It is recommended to use 8 cores for the wire, the POE cable sequence for data transmit is 1/2/3/6, for positive power is 4/5, for negative power is 7/8, the distance of cable should be controlled around 70 meters

3. camera is not powered on, please check if camera support POE

NVR can not find the IP of camera?

If camera is sunell camera, and you don't know the ip, please connect camera and PC at same local network(or directly connect camera to PC), using IPsearch tool to find the correct IP, then add it to NVR; If camera is from third party, please check if they provide tool to search the camera IP, Then add it to NVR by input the IP, user name and password of camera

IPC often shows offline on NVR?

1. Power supply of IPC is not stable, for example, IPC will consume more power at night with IR Led enabled, which may cause electricity insufficient.

2. Network bandwidth issue, the switcher performance is insufficient

3. Camera issue:

    If only the specified camera or channel has this issue, we recommend you replace with a normal camera to check

    If offline issue happens randomly with all channel, we suggest checking reason 1 and 2

    If offline happens to all channel at same time, please check if the camera is powered by centralized supply, please check the power status

Where to add other users account and what authorities can be set?

At System-User-Add:

3 different group of user can be created:

Administrator/Operator/Media user,

  • Administrators: Remote Live, PTZ, Playback, Channel Management, Device Management, System Management;

  • Operator: Remote Live, PTZ, Playback, System Management;

  • Media user: Remote Live, Playback; (please mind that the admin account is the superuser, it can not be deleted);

Ptz Camera Price

Channel selection:

Ptz Dome Camera

How to know device info?

For old interface: go to  "Setup"->"Device Information"

PTZ IP Camera

For new interface: go to "setting", then you can get Information

PTZ IP Kamera

Why the NVR cannot find the HDDs?

1. Please make sure to install it correctly and safely.

2. Please choose well-known brands of HDD: Seagate, WD, TOSHIBA

3. Ensure the life of the HDD.

4. try to format the HDD.

Why there is noise of audio in live view or playback?

1. go to web interface of the IP Camera firstly, and make sure if the audio is working well.

2. Decrease the audio-in setting.

3. change to use other connection cables or test other IP cameras with the same cable.

4. change another NVR for a test.

How to manage multiple NVRs?

Please use our VMS "Sunview" to manage multiple NVRs. 

and here is the download link:

brief features:

〉server/Client Based

〉10,000+ Channels Connection

〉Face Recognition

〉1,000,000 Face Library

〉Smart Search

〉Multiple Screens

〉sunell Products Unified Management

〉Data Statistics


High Optical Zoom Security Camera

How to format the HDD?

For old interface: go to Record-->Storage-->Format


For new interface: go to Record-->Disk-->Format

How to get RTSP stream from NVR with V4.x FW?

1. Check IP and Port of NVR

Pan and Tilt Security Camera

Pan and Zoom Camera

2. Input RTSP URL: rtsp://

For example: rtsp:// --- means get the RTSP stream 2 from channel 1 of the NVR with IP

Pan Tilt and Zoom Security Cameras

3. Input username and password of the NVR (not IPC)

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera

Professional Ptz Camera

How to use DDNS function?

1. Sample information

Ptz Camera Security

2. Network setting

Please enter the valid values:

Ptz Camera with Wiper

3. Check the status of Upnp option

If the Networking setting and router setting are correct, the Upnp will get the current ports, too.

Ptz Kamera

Otherwise, if you get "0" for each port, please check your network and router setting.

Ptz Security Camera


Enable this option and then select the proper protocol you want:

1) sunellddns

enter a name, then click [Test]

Pan Tilt Outdoor Security Camera

If it shows "Test successfully ", Then you can enter "" in IE broswer

Note: 1230 is the HTTP Port in the option "UPnp"

Outdoor Security Camera with Zoom

Outdoor Security Cameras Pan Tilt Zoom

How to use the dual ports of the NVR?How to get RTSP stream from NVR with V4.x FW?

1. One network port connects the camera and the other one connects the router connecting the external network.

2. Or one network port connects the IP address of one segment and another network port connects the camera of another segment.

Outdoor Zoom Camera

NVR with two network ports can set different IP addresses for two network ports.

Whether you want to use it or not depends on your own situation.

Can NVR connect to wireless network?

NVR generally does not support wireless connection. Usually It is also possible to link routes or switches through network cables, or to connect directly with cameras using network cables.

What to do if the registered camera on NVR often drops off?

1. Camera power supply is unstable, test with new power supply.

2. Network cable Problems, or Check Switch Ports, or Replace new Switches.

3. Restore factory settings or upgrade new programs.

What to do if the NVR can't startup?

1. please make sure the power supply is stable, or you can change a new one

2. if the NVR stop at the booting screen, maybe the main program(firmware) has the problem, please contact tech support to check it remotely.

3. If the NVR restart automatically, please update the firmware to the latest version.

Can the device continue to record when the device is disconnected to network?

1. NVR+HDD: the NVR is connected to the network camera, it is recommended to fix the IP address of the NVR. In the system configuration, network configuration, basic configuration interface, do not enable automatic acquisition of the IPV4 address, manually assign an IP to the NVR. In this case, in the case of an external network interruption, as long as the LAN is connected [the network between the camera and the NVR] without interruption, the recording will continue. The NVRis connected to an analog or coaxial camera, and whether the network is connected does not affect the recording.

2. IP Camera +SD card:  the external network or LAN interrupt will not affect the recording.

Can H.265 and H.264 cameras connect to NVR with H.265 at the same time?

YES, it can be done like this.

However, 265 encoded video can only be realized when accessing the H.265 camera, saving space. If the H.264 camera is connected, this function cannot be realized.

How to calculate video storage capacity of HDD?

it's the theoretical value

The capacity of storage space should be calculated according to the days, bit rate and type

1. Bit rate: 2Mb (for example)

channel and time

Disk space   required

1 channel for 1   hour


1 channel for 1   day


1 channel for 30   days


16 channel for   30days


1. Bit rate: 4Mb (for example)

channel and time

Disk space   required

1 channel for 1   hour


1 channel for 1   day


1 channel for 30   days


16 channel for   30days


2. Bit rate: 6Mb (for example)

channel and time

Disk space   required

1 channel for 1   hour


1 channel for 1   day


1 channel for 30   days


16 channel for 30days


Note: these tables are only for reference, and the actual values have redundant.

How to add a NVR V4.2 to the app on Android or IOS phone via DDNS or IP Address?

1. Download and install the correct application

2. Ensure that the device is connected to the network properly. Check if the device's network setting is set up correctly. You can find this in Setting > Network > Network > IP.

  1)The device's IP Address should be in the same range as the router's gateway.

  2)Subnet Mask should be same as what is indicated in the router's network setting.

  3)The Gateway should the router's gateway or local IP address.

  4)DNS 1 and DNS 2 can be your router's DNS servers or you can use and

Ptz Security Camera Outdoor

3. If you would like to use DDNS in adding the device to the app, please enable the DDNS first.Go to 1)Setting > Network > DDNS.

  2)Click the toggle switch to Enable DDNS.

  3)Choose one protocol.

  4)Input a Domain Name inside the box.

4. If you would like to access the device remotely via WAN (external/public) IP or DDNS address using your mobile phone, you have to open/forward the Client Port of your device. 

  1)The Client Port can be found in Setting > Network > Network > Port.

  2)The default value is 30001. If you changed this to a different number, please open/forward the new port number.

Security Camera with Zoom and Night Vision

5. Open the app on your mobile phone.  Click Add Device. Tap + Local Device.

Zoom Pan Tilt Camera

6. Input the needed information on the app.

   1)Enter a Nickname.

   2)In the IP Address field, enter the local IP address, WAN (external/public) IP address or the DDNS address of the device.

   3)In the Port field, input the Client Port indicated in the device setting. This information can be found in Setting > Network > Network > Port.

   note: The default value of the Client Port is 30001. If you changed it to a different number, please make sure to input the new port number in the app.

   4)Enter the Username and Password of the device.

   5)Hit Save at the upper right corner to save the information.

1080p Ptz Camera

How to back up the recordings of the NVR V4.2 on a USB flash drive?

1. Go to the Playback menu on the device's GUI. It can be found on the task bar at the bottom of the screen when on live view.

Hd Thermal Camera

2. On Time Search, select the specific recording that you want to back up. Select your preferred: Camera, Date, Record Type, Time Interval, Start Time

Professional Thermal Camera

3. After selecting the specific time, click the Professional Thermal Imager icon (Start Backup) to start the backup process.

4. Drag the timeline to until when you would like to back up the recordings. The yellow bar indicates the timeframe of the recording that you will be downloading.

Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

5. After selecting the specific timeframe of recording, click the Industrial Infrared Camera (End Backup) icon to save the recording.

6. There will be pop-up message regarding the backup information and an option to save. Click Save to proceed.

Industrial Thermal Camera

7. Select the specific folder in the USB flash drive directory and then click OK.

Industrial Thermal Imaging

8. You can view the backup status in the Backup menu.

How can I add a NVR V4.2 to the app on my Android or IOS phone via P2P?

Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera

How can I enable the motion detection recording on DVR V4.2 or NVR V4.2?

1. Click the right mouse button and select General under Alarm.

Thermal Camera

2. Turn on the Enable Alarm option and select a Duration Time from the drop-down list. Click Apply to save the settings.

Thermal Camera Companies

3. Go to Motion Detection. Under Channel, select a specific channel you would like to set the motion detection recording. Turn on the Enable option. 

Under Event Actions, turn on the specific action you would like to have if there is a motion detected by the device.  To ensure that the device will record when there is a motion detected; don’t forget to turn on Post Recording, select a Recording Time and select the corresponding channel under Channel. 

Thermal Camera Price

4. To configure the motion area and sensitivity, go to Area.

On the live preview on the page, you may select the motion area. Click the left mouse button on the live preview and drag the mouse on the specific area that you would like to set. The red grids represent the area that you have selected. To clear the area, just perform a double-click action using the left mouse button.

Select a Sensitivity option from the drop-down list. You may select from Low, Medium, High and Highest.

Thermal Camera Range

5. Under the Schedule setting, select the specific day and time that you would like to detect the motion. Use the left mouse button to select a specific box. You may also hold down and drag the left mouse button to select a wider schedule. To select all the boxes (24/7 by motion recording), just click the icon on the upper left corner. You may also click the same icon to clear the schedule.

Thermal Camera Resolution

6. Click Apply to save the settings.

7. If you would like to copy the motion detection settings to the other channels, click Copy and select the specific channel you would like to copy the setting. Click OK then Apply to save the changes.

Thermal Camera Sensor

How can I view the NVR using Chrome or Firefox browser on my Windows PC?

1. Enter the IP address of your NVR on the IE Tab's address bar. You may now log in to your device using Chrome

Thermal Camera System

2. After clicking "Allow…", you will be prompted with another message as shown below. Select "Allow and Remember".

Thermal Camera Temperature

3. You may now log in to your device.

Thermal Camera Temperature Rangee-range.jpg

How to back up the recordings of a DVR V4.2or NVR V4.2 on USB flash drive?

1. Go to the Playback menu on the device’s GUI. It can be found on the task bar at the bottom of the screen when on live view.

Thermal Detection

2. On Time Search, select the specific recording that you want to back up. Select your preferred:

[1] Camera

[2] Date

[3] Record Type

[4] Time Interval

[5] Start Time

Thermal Detection Camera

3. After selecting the specific time, click the icon Thermal Imager (Start Backup) to start the backup process.

4. Drag the timeline to until when you would like to back up the recordings. The yellow bar indicates the timeframe of the recording that you will be downloading.

Thermal Imager Price

5. After selecting the specific timeframe of recording, click the Thermal Imaging Camera (End Backup) icon to save the recording.

6. There will be pop-up message regarding the backup information and an option to save. Click Save to proceed.

Thermal Imaging Camera Cost

7. Select the specific folder in the USB flash drive directory and then click OK.

Thermal Imaging Camera Price

8. You can view the backup status in the Backup menu.

Thermal Imaging Companies

Security Center in NVR Ver4.3

To avoid password loss, here are three functions in Security Center:

1. Password 

Thermal Imaging Device

2. Secure Email

   Password: it's the login password 

   E-mail: available Email

Thermal Imaging Equipment

3. Secure Question

    Password: it's the login password 

Thermal Imaging Sensors

How to set path for local image and video which is backup on WEB interface?

1.  go to setting->local->download config

Thermal Imaging System

2. the set the paths here. 

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How to split preview in IMS3

The left side of ims3 home page has  option to split the layout to split the preview screen


1. If you uninstall the old version of sunview manually, and then try to install new version, maybe you will have this problem

Thermographic Camera

2. It means you didn't uninstall the old version completely, so some files still save in the registry.

3. open the regedit.exe on the Windows

Thermographic Imaging

4. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432Node, find the folder "vmSystem", and delete it directly. then you can install the new version correctly.

Thermographic Imaging Camera

What's the CMU, IAU and MDU?

1. CMU (central management unit): It mainly deals with messages. Integrate and manage messages that communicate between servers and clients.

2. IAU (Intelligent analysis unit): It mainly analyzes and processes the data of face and license plate of intelligent module, such as AI module of face recognition, license plate recognition and intelligent recognition.

3. MDU (Media Distributor unit): It mainly transmits the audio and video stream of the equipment and the intelligent analysis data to the client.

How to deal with the failure of installing Sunview?

1. The antivirus software may prevent installation. in this case, close the antivirus software and reinstall the software.

2. If the installation still fails even you turn off the anti-virus software, it may be the problem of the installation package, such as abnormal installation script, database damage, etc. Need feedback to us for processing.

What is the IP address of is the return address, which also refers to the IP address of the PC where the SUNVIEW is installed. If the server is installed on the local computer, it can access the server through the default IP address of You can also enter the IP address assigned to the PC. For example:

Thermovision Camera

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Special Cameras

How to register face capture camera to sunview?

Run Sunview software

1. open "Devices" module

2. click "Auto Search" to find the IP Cameras

3. select it

4. click "Add" to add it to the device list

Thermovision Camera for Transmission Line

How to configure the face capture camera for the first time?

Face Detection: On

Confidence Coefficient: Mid

Smallest Pixcel: 80

Image Matting Quality: Mid

Snapshot Mode: Timing

Upload image interval: 5s

Yaw Degree: 60

Titt Degree: 60

setting detection area

Thermovision Camera Price

How to configure the T5 (thermal camera) for the first time?

1. Face detection: Detect the face of human

2. Up body detection: Detect face and shoulder part of human

3. Fullbody detection: Detect the human shape

4. Display trace: Display the information of tracing

5. Confidence coefficient: Face detection sensitivity, the value range is high, medium, or low, the larger the value is, the higher the sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity value is, the higher the detection rate will be, but the more false detection may occur, such as the false detection of the patterns on pedestrian clothes to adult faces.

6. Smallest pixel: When the pixel of the face in the image is less than the set value (the minimum pixel for face recognition), it is not captured.

7. Snapshot mode: There are two types timing and optimal.

8. Upload image interval: 1~10 sec.

9. Yaw degree: Set face Angle to filter out

10. FTP upload image matting: Enable or disable

11. FTP upload whole image: Enable or disable

What's the view range is supported by the panorama camera?


1. lResolution 8K@30fps 

2. lH.265 Smart Encode

3. lField of View Horizontal 360° + Vertical 360°

4. Edge Panoramic Splicing Image Output 

5. Minimum Object Focus Length 1m 

6. Support View Mode 180°, 360°, Fisheye, Planet, Auto Tour 

7. POE Power Supply 

8. IP66, -40℃~60℃

What should we pay attention to install a LPR camera?

1. License plate must be readable and well lit

2. License plate dimensions must be at least :

* 150 pix for rectangular plates and 100 pix for two-row plates (for Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Serbia).

* 130 px for rectangular plates and 70 pix for two-row plates (for all other supported countries).

3. Allowed tilt 5 degrees (clock and counterclockwise).


4. Vertical angle and Horizontal angle: should not exceed 30 degrees:

Custom NVR

5. Example of good license plate at day and night

NVR Application

NVR China

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