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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Smart Motion Detection

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) uses an advanced algorithm to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms only when a person or vehicle is detected.

By minimizing false flags caused by animals, falling leaves, and heavy rain, and by maintaining vigilant alarm triggering, Smart Motion Detection enables business- and home-owners to focus their security resources on real threats.

How does Smart Motion Detection work?

Sunell's Smart Motion Detection feature supports human/vehicle classification, making it easy to configure and providing efficient playback. This feature offers a more intelligent, accurate, and convenient way to detect moving objects, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of security surveillance systems.


Person and vehicle target classification

After utilizing deep learning algorithms for video object classification, users can further customize the algorithm to 

meet their specific needs. For instance, users have the option 

to detect only individuals, vehicles, or both simultaneously. By making simple adjustments based on different scenarios and security requirements, users can achieve a personalized monitoring function.


    Easy configuration

    Users can quickly deploy the Smart Motion Detection 

    feature without the need for cumbersome setup processes. 

    With flexible adjustment options and alert methods, users 

    can customize the motion detection functionality according 

    to their specific needs, enabling efficient monitoring and 

    alert response.

Efficient playback

Users can quickly search for alarm videos in Smart Motion Detection based on alarm categories, eliminating the need to manually check the entire video time range. This allows users to swiftly locate and view video segments relevant to alarm events, saving a substantial amount of time and effort.

Where can I use Smart Motion Detection?

Sunell's customers use Smart Motion Detection for a wide range of residential and business applications, both indoors and out.


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