Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Heat Map Technology


As a built-in statistical behavior analysis, Sunell Heat Map function is an advanced technology. Heat maps can provide information about the density of activity in different areas, which can be used to optimize the operations of businesses and public services. For example, it can help retailers understand which areas are their most popular product display areas, so that they can better optimize their products and services.

Benefits of Sunell Heat Map


Real-time Customer Tracking

Track and record the path and actions of your customers in your stores in real-time to ensure proactive monitoring, that intuitively displays the distribution of pedestrian or crowd density, making it easier to understand and analyze.


     Optimizing Operations     

      By comparing heat maps of different time periods or locations, trends 

      and changes in pedestrian or crowd density can be recognized, aiding 

      in more accurate predictions and decision-making.


Detailed Reports for Managers

To use Sunell Heat Map function camera, it just needs one Sunell panoramic camera - no additional equipment required. It can be easily set up and provide crucial data support to help managers make more accurate predictions and decisions.

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