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Active Deterrence Camera

Active deterrence camera helps you take security to the next level with accurate, real-time deterrence detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets, and provides sound and light warnings.

Built-in Sound And Light Alarms of Active Deterrence Camera

Built-in Sound And Light Alarms of Active Deterrence Camera

Active deterrence IP cameras offer built-in sirens and strobe-light alarms. Even better, these cameras can broadcast custom voice messages to warn trespassers to leave a restricted area.

Sunell active deterrence camera works by detecting humans or vehicles, and effectively filters out false alarms triggered by natural movements, such as rain or leaves, and faster reaction to real security threats.

How does Active Deterrence Camera Work?

Active deterrence camera uses advanced Al algorithms built into Sunell security cameras.

For details, please see the picture below.

How does Active Deterrence Camera Work?

Where to Use Active Deterrence Camera?

Our Active deterrence products a wide range for residential and business applications:

No Parking Areas
Restricted Areas
And More
Homes Active Deterrence Cameras

Product within Active Deterrence Cameras

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