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Smart IR II

Smart IR II technology plays a crucial role in the field of security and surveillance by providing effective infrared illumination for cameras during nighttime or low-light conditions. Compared to traditional infrared illumination technology, Smart IR II technology offers adaptive and efficient features.

What is Sunell Smart IR II Technology?

Smart IR II technology is an adaptive infrared illumination solution that is based on the coordination between the near and far light groups and the zoom ratio of the lens. By continuously monitoring the zoom ratio of the camera lens, smart IR II technology intelligently adjusts the power and combination of the infrared light groups to ensure uniform and adaptable infrared illumination in different distances and fields of view. This intelligent adjustment mechanism enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of infrared illumination, providing superior image quality and monitoring performance.

How does Smart IR II work?

Smart IR II technology utilizes the design of near and far light groups, where the brightness of the near and far lights can be manually or automatically adjusted based on the zoom ratio. With the zoom ratio of the lens, Smart IR II technology automatically adjusts the power and combination of the infrared lights to provide adaptive and uniform infrared illumination, thereby enhancing the quality and clarity of video monitoring images. Sunell also offers the option to manually adjust the brightness of the far and near lights according to your preferences.


Advantages of Smart IR II

Adaptive IR: Smart IR II Technology can automatically adjust the power and combination of infrared lamps based on the zoom ratio of the camera lens, catering to the lighting requirements at different distances and fields of view, ensuring uniformity and adaptability of the illumination.


High Efficiency: By automatically adjusting the power and combination of infrared lamps, Smart IR II technology can save energy and extend the lifespan of the infrared lamps, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the system.


Enhanced Image Quality: The Smart IR II lighting solution ensures the uniformity and adaptability of infrared illumination, thereby improving the quality and clarity of video surveillance images.


Sunell's Smart IR II technology is an optical enhancement technique designed to enable users to view desired objects and capture clear, identifiable details in video images in complete darkness or at night. In low-light environments, it is necessary to utilize Smart IR II technology to generate usable image quality. This technology adapts to different environments and monitoring needs, providing clear and uniform illumination effects, thereby enhancing the performance and reliability of video surveillance systems.

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