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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Nighthawk Technology

What is Nighthawk Technology?

In video surveillance, viewing every detail is critical - especially in low-light conditions.

With Nighthawk Technology's large aperture lens, STARVIS sensor, and outstanding image processing technology, the camera can maintain high resolution, low noise, and high contrast even in ultra-low light conditions, providing users with clear and reliable images and videos.

Benefits of Sunell Nighthawk Technology


Capturing the Beauty of the Night

The Nighthawk camera utilizes highly sensitive sensors and advanced image processing technology to capture full-color images in extremely low light conditions.  In fact, the Nighthawk technology in these cameras can discern colors in low light better than the human eye.  This is particularly important for forensic applications, as images with more accurate colors can increase the chances of identifying suspects with greater precision and success.


    Capturing the Beauty of the Night     

     Sunell Nighthawk also enhances the usability of moving 

     object and human images. The highly sensitive sensor allows 

     you to view freeze-frame shots with almost no blur, even in 

     low-light conditions. This certainly enables users to enjoy 

     improved video playback details and easier material searches.

Night Vision Performance Comparison


Cameras with Nighthawk vs. Other cameras

Watch this video to see how round-the-clock performance of Nighthawk cameras compares to other security cameras.

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