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Lite Series IP Camera

Intelligent and inexpensive for quality products that will fit your budget.

Product Categories within Lite Series

All Lite Series are NDAA Compliant IP Cameras

Full-color Camera Lite Series

Using an F1.6 aperture lens and a low-light sensor, the camera is equipped with white light compensation to ensure color video.

Dome IP Camera Lite Series

Dome IP cameras intelligent and affordable, camera with a dome casing, which protect against weater-proof and impact.

Turret IP Camera Lite Series

Turret IP camera intelligent and affordable, and is weatherproof and great for indoor or outdoor use because turret camera Hang from the Ceiling / Soffit.

Advantages of Lite Series IP Camera

Lite Series provides a selection of inexpensive yet very functional cameras. You can select dome, bullet, or turret cameras.
Support human based detection of perimeter, virtual fence.

FAQs of Lite Series IP Camera

FAQs of Lite Series IP Camera
FAQs of Lite Series IP Camera

What is the function of lite series IP camera? What is the function of lite series IP camera?

Support human based accurate detection of perimeter, virtual fence.

WiFi or PoE for IP camera, which is the best? WiFi or PoE for IP camera, which is the best?

There is no best, only right. WiFi IP cameras can only be installed within the coverage area of a WiFi router, and there will be signal interference. PoE is much more reliable than WiFi for data transfer. PoE IP cameras can draw power from the Ethernet cable without the need for additional power cords or power supplies. The maximum connection distance is 100 meters, and there is no signal interference.

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