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Sunell Network Products Technology

As a leading global "AI + Bi-spectrum + Temperature Detection" intelligent video solution provider, Sunell is committed to continuously investing in new technologies and smart solutions to innovate the security industry.

Types of Surveillance Products Technology

Starlight Technology about IP Products

Starlight Technology

Unparalleled 0.005Lux star visibility with star-level detector and F1.0 large aperture lens.
Thermal Imaging Technology of Network Products

Thermal Imaging Technology

Utilize advanced thermal detectors that provide excellent image performance with a high efficiency and temperature mesurement.
Wide Dynamic Range about IP Products

Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range extends image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improves object identification in critical surveillance scenarios.
Smart IR of Network Products

Smart IR

Automatically adjusts intensity of the infrared light, the image from being overexposed or too dark to lose details.
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