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Pro IP Camera

Pro Series IP cameras are designed for users looking for high quality, versatility and reliability for their demanding surveillance needs.

Product Categories within Pro Series

All Pro Series are NDAA Approved Security Cameras

Advantages of Ulral Series IP Camera

Rich network camera structure, can be customized by software and hardware.
Pro series IP camera can intelligently filter objects to focus on human or vehicle detection in multiple events such as perimeter, single virtual fence, double virtual fences, loiter, converse, people counting, etc.
Several interfaces such as PoE, DC, audio I/O, alarm I/O and builit-in SD card slot are available in the mulit-interface version, offering more choices for easy management and various needs.

FAQs of Pro IP Camera

FAQs of Pro IP Camera
FAQs of Pro IP Camera

How to choose the right IP Camera? How to choose the right IP Camera?

Where will the camera be installed?  Lenses and camera housings differ for different environments. How large image resolution does your require, and an overview of a particular scene?  Quality differs from camera to camera.

What is IP camera fps? What is IP camera fps?

Frame rate is how many single still images are recorded in a unit of time. With IP surveillance we look at how many images we can see in one second. 25/30 fps (25/30 recorded images per second) is considered real time video.

Can IP cameras work without internet? Can IP cameras work without internet?

connection. If you are using a PoE IP camera, just plug the network cable directly into the PoE NVR or PoE switch, and you can view the video recorded by the camera to the hard disk and search for playback through the NVR or a computer on the same local area network.

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