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Smart Security Solution


As a intelligent video solution provider, Sunell offers end-to-end solutions for vertical industries including retail, warehouse, smart campus and electrical so on. Application solutions such as face recognition, temperature measurement, condition monitoring, fire detection, perimeter protection, and people counting feature not only cameras, recorders, and CMS, but also open interfaces for convenient 3rd party integration.

Smart Security Solution By Industry
Surveillance Solution for Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Protecting factories and manufacturing facilities is a top priority for entrepreneurs who invest significant time, money, and effort into these valuable assets. To meet this demand, Sunell offers comp...
Warehouse Solution about Network Products


Make your warehouse management smarter and safer with integrated solutions that address effective fire, theft prevention and more.
Smart Campus Solution about Surveillance Product

Smart Campus

Provide the security level and learning environment of the campus through functions such as perimeter protection, behavior analysis and alarm, personnel, vehicle management, and teacher and student attendance.


Airports, as crucial transportation hubs, have always prioritized safety and management as their topmost tasks.
Retail Security Solution about IP Products


Make your stores smarter operations and safer, with integrated solutions that address loss prevention, management optimization, and safety & security.
Smart Building

Smart Building

With the ongoing advancement of video surveillance technology, building solutions play a vital role in ensuring building security and enhancing management efficiency.
Parking Lot Management Solution

Parking Lots

In the modern urban landscape, parking lot management faces increasingly complex challenges. To address these issues, Sunell's intelligent video surveillance products offer a tailored solution des...


Sunell has the solutions to safeguard banks of all sizes, from discreet hidden cameras to redundant backup recordings to face recognition technology.
Electrical Substation Solutions


Sunell substation solution leverages AI analytics and real-time monitoring to boost efficiency and reliability. It features predictive maintenance and advanced security to minimize downtime and enhance safety.
Oil & Gas Security Systems

Oil & Gas

Sunell offers comprehensive video surveillance solutions designed to enhance the industry's capabilities in regulatory management, monitoring and early warning, and incident investigation, effectively preventing accidents.

Smart Security Solution By Application

EV Charging Station Solution

EV Charging Station

Thermal imaging fire protection to ensure the safety of charging stations
River Video Surveillance and Management Solution

River Monitoring Solution

Centered around video surveillance, aiming to achieve real-time monitoring and management of river areas.
Surveillance Solutions for Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Ensuring the Security and Investment of Solar Farms through Surveillance Systems
Network Audio Solution

Network Audio Solution

Unleash the Power of Network Audio: Enhancing Security, Efficiency, and Experiences.
Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

Efficient Perimeter Protection Solution Based on Artificial Intelligence + Video Surveillance
Early Fire Detection

Early Fire Detection

Fire incidents can pose significant threats to life, property, and business operations. To mitigate these risks and ensure prompt response, early fire detection systems have become crucial in various ...
Wildfire Detection System Solution

Wildfire Prediction

The ChallengeDue to climate change, the severity, extent, and frequency of wildfires have increased. The threat of wildfires has never been more serious than it is today. In recent years, countries wo...
Radar Perimeter Protection

Radar Perimeter Protection

The radar perimeter protection system can cover extensive areas, whether they are flatlands, mountainous regions, forests, or water bodies, ensuring seamless monitoring.
Illegal Parking Solution for Fire Lane Blocking

Illegal Parking

Illegal parking blocking fire lanes is a significant safety concern in urban areas, as it can hinder timely access of firefighting vehicles during emergencies, jeopardizing both lives and property. To...
Entrance & Exit Management

Entrance & Exit Management

In today's society, vehicle access management has become crucial, not only for large corporate campuses but also for small office buildings and residential communities. With urban expansion and th...
Border Surveillance

Border Surveillance

Thermal solutions for borders security surveillance. Infrared thermal imaging camera can produce clear image in dark night without any other light. Border control and ports of...
Chain Convenience Store Smart Surveillance Solution

Convenience Store

Sunell's solution for chain convenience stores tackles the complexities of physical retail through an advanced video surveillance system enhanced by AI algorithms.
Application Solution for Thermal Card Cameras Monitoring Electrical Panels

Electrical Panel

With the thermal card camera power panels can be safely monitored remotely, in real-time, using optical and thermal imagery, along with our CMS Reporting Software.
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