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Retail Security Solution about IP Products

Retail Challenges

Retail stores are sometimes vulnerable during and after business hours, and it is of crucial importance for retail businesses to utilize integrated surveillance solutions. Sunell's retail solution will help you protect your investments and maintain low shrinkage rates.


Sunell provides "AI + Bi-spectrum + temperature detection" intelligent video solutions to retail businesses ranging from supermarkets to shopping centers. Even though different retailers come in different forms and characteristics, Sunell can always satisfy their special needs by designing personalized AI solutions.

ip products in retail overview

IP Products Used in Entrance

IP Products

The entrance is the most important and busy location of a store, retailers need to capture clear footage of all shoppers. With the current health crisis, retail businesses also have to prevent crowds from forming congestion; stores are faced with the need to limit occupancy. Therefore, to accurately record footage of customers and monitor in-store activities is essential to retailers. However, normal surveillance cameras often face the problem of highlight scenario.

Ip Based Products

Sunell pro series cameras can offer better monitor solutions with their wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, which can reduce noise and compensate for highlights. Sunell's multi-target camera offers a line crossing detection function that detects people, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles. It is especially suitable for general monitoring of entrance and exit points in low-traffic areas, and other key areas.

Network Products

With the global health crisis going on, Sunell provides temperature measure device which can access control terminal to help retailers monitor temperature change. It supports non-contact temperature measurement (temperature measuring accuracy: 0.1° C, Deviation: ± 0.3°C).

Network Products Used in Checkout Counter

Video Surveillance Products

Transaction (when money transfers from the customer to the cashier) is one of the most important parts of retail as all retailers want to avoid customer disputes and cashier's check fraud. Therefore, HD video surveillance and other integrated functions can identify and record every transaction. Thus, it can record both transaction video and barcode at the same time to provide evidence for later investigation.

Surveillance Product

The 2MP box network camera can help retailers to monitor cashiers and it comes with a whole array of function interfaces such as PTZ control (RS485), alarm I/O, ethernet port, power supply interface, SD card slot, reset button, ABF button, audio I/O, DC-IRIS port, BNC interface, power, and network LEDs. Such complete interface design empowers POS real-time monitoring with transaction details to protect store assets and property and decrease retail shrinkage.

Video Surveillance Applied in Parking Lot

IP Camera China

Parking lots provide suspects with many opportunities to commit a crime. It's not just people's safety at risk. The garage is also a hotbed for vehicle theft and vandalism. Make shoppers to feel safe in your parking lots is very important.

IP Camera Company

Sunell multi-sensor panoramic camera 32MP multi-sensor panoramic network camera is also a good choice for parking lot solution. It adopts four sensor front splicing technology to achieve 360° horizontal coverage and 360° vertical coverage of view angle, which can be used for large open areas such as public square, arena, airport, intersection, etc.

IP Camera Function

Sunell's 2MP LPR Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera can read the number plate of passing vehicles whose speed is under 60km/h. It has embedded LPR algorithm and supports license plate recognition read and capture. Thus, it is perfect for parking lot entrance to achieve automated toll payment, vehicle location, and vehicle access control.

IP Camera Manufacturers

Sunell's IR PTZ Network Camera is perfect for parking lot solutions. It has excellent video compression and PTZ auto tracking which can perform Pan/Tilt/Zoom to track the moving object automatically and adjust zoom times flexibly according to the object distance with the powerful optical zoom capability.

It also has a 3D Positioning function which provides a more detailed image. Rolling the mouse wheel up and down, the video image will be zoomed in and zoomed out immediately.

Business Intelligence about IP Products

IP Camera Resolution

Business intelligence became an important part of management in recent years. Intelligence system presents a complex task, technology, and applications of information systems that strongly support the decision-making activities of enterprises.

Sunell's SunView offers an integrated business intelligence solution.

IP Camera View

NVR systems record and store video footage directly from the network it lives on. Sunell's 16 Channel 1U 2HDDs 4K Network Video Recorder (SN-NVR2516E2) has up to 16ch IP camera access and it also supports smart search & playback. Sunell's SunView can connect NVR and other cameras so retailers can use SunView to monitor all related activities.

IP Based Cctv Camera

One platform, centralized management: SunView can be used for video management of different monitoring scales. It supports centralized management, distributed deployment, and multi-user remote access. SunView offers user management, device management, server management, alarm management, E-map, device configuration, personnel archive management, data statistics, face recognition, and other functions. Therefore, it can meet a variety of video surveillance solutions.

Network CCTV Camera

Data Visualization: deliver better in-depth business insights SunView combines data, shape data in a unified way and create easy-to-verify visual reports. All stakeholders (especially non-technical members) can easily access meaningful business insights. Moreover, visualized data can improve a better understanding of all business operations.

IP Products Used in Store Floor

Shoplifting often happens in surveillance camera blind spots. To install numerous cameras to monitor every blind spot is very costly and not ideal, and it also worsens clients' in-store shopping experience.

Security Surveillance Products
IP Camera

Sunell offers SN-IPV57/80HDR/B or SN-IPV57/80ECDR/B (12MP Ultra HD fisheye network camera) which provides a panoramic experience, which would easily reach the effect of over 4 regular network cameras, bringing 360° Panoramic view with zero blind spots. At the same time, it brings up multiple display modes including 1 fisheye, single panoramic, double Panoramic, 4PTZ, and 1F+3PTZ to meet different needs.

Ip Camera Application

Moreover, it also has Video Analysis (IVS) function which supports 11 detection types such as unattended objects detection on the store floor or at emergency exits.

Security Surveillance Used in Storage Room

The storage facilities should be monitored 24/7 under all lighting conditions to prevent loss and fire risk. However, it is neither practical nor cost-effective for staff to check this area around the clock.

IP Camera Suppliers

Sunell's Smart IR Cameras feature ultra-sensitive optical sensors that capture high-quality color videos even in extremely dark environments, complemented by advanced signal processing that ensures sufficient contrast and accurate color reproduction, as well as 3D noise reduction to reveal detail and improve overall clarity.

Temperature Detection
No Light Source, 24/7 Monitoring
Temperature Detection No Light Source, 24/7 Monitoring
Real-time Temperature Measuring
Real-time Temperature Measuring
Surveillance Product Applied in Management Office
Surveillance Product Applied in Management Office

With the global health crisis going on, Sunell provides temperature measure device face recognition (SN-M2207NT-B) which can access the control terminal to help retailers monitor and manage staff. It offers face recognition and face duration ≤ 0.2 s per face, face recognition accuracy rate ≥99.8%) with 30,000 face capacities, and 60,000 event capacities. It supports I/O, WG26, WG34, RJ45, USB, and Door lock interfaces.

Surveillance Product Applied in Management Office
Surveillance Product Applied in Management Office
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