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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Electrical Substation Solutions


Industry Needs

Substations are the heart of the electrical grid, responsible for power supply and electrical dispatch. Equipment malfunctions and anomalies are often temperature-related, but current infrared thermography and data analysis rely heavily on manual operations. Regular patrols struggle to collect anomaly data in a timely and comprehensive manner, leading to blind spots and high costs. Failure to promptly detect temperature anomalies can lead to equipment failures or safety incidents, impacting the normal operation of the electrical grid.

Solution Overview


Integrating AI to Enhance Efficiency and Safety in Substations

Protect Electrical Substations Perimeter Security

Protect Electrical Substations Perimeter Security

AI-enhanced cameras revolutionize substation perimeter security by providing advanced motion detection, PPE detection, real-time analytics, and automated responses. These systems utilize facial and license plate recognition to ensure secure access, maintaining vigilant surveillance 24/7 to safeguard critical electrical infrastructure.

Advanced Thermal Imaging for Temperature Monitoring and Condition Surveillance

Advanced Thermal Imaging for Temperature Monitoring and Condition Surveillance

Leverage cutting-edge thermal imaging technology to enhance substation safety and efficiency. This intelligent monitoring solution accurately measures equipment temperatures and detects anomalies, facilitating immediate corrective actions. It ensures continuous condition surveillance, preventing equipment failures and optimizing performance, crucial for maintaining operational integrity in power distribution.

Solution Topology


Customer Value

Enhancing Equipment Reliability and Safety: Smart monitoring systems can continuously track the temperature and condition of equipment, promptly detect anomalies, and provide early warnings. This helps prevent equipment failures and safety incidents, thereby boosting the reliability and safety of substation equipment.

Reducing Maintenance Costs: Intelligent monitoring allows for real-time observation and remote management of equipment, reducing the frequency and cost of manual inspections. Timely identification of equipment issues facilitates preventative maintenance, lowering overall maintenance expenses.

Increasing Operational Efficiency: Smart monitoring systems enable operations and maintenance personnel to understand equipment performance more timely and accurately, allowing for rapid response to any irregularities. Additionally, by analyzing historical data, operational strategies can be optimized to further enhance efficiency.

Extending Equipment Lifespan: Real-time monitoring and analysis of equipment temperature and condition can identify issues early, allowing for appropriate maintenance and repairs to extend the life of the equipment. This reduces the frequency and cost of equipment replacements.

Improving Service Levels: Smart monitoring systems provide more comprehensive and timely equipment monitoring and alarm services, offering customers more reliable and efficient power supply services. This enhances service levels and customer satisfaction.

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