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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Border Surveillance


Ensuring the security of a nation's borders is paramount for national safety.  However, identifying potential intruders or smugglers becomes exceptionally challenging in complete darkness and diverse weather conditions.  The integration of thermal imaging cameras emerges as a valuable tool, empowering border control professionals to effectively address the demands posed by nocturnal and low-light scenarios.

Technical Advantages of Bi-spectrum PTZ Cameras

Bi-spectrum PTZ cameras integrate visible light and infrared imaging, offering the following advantages:

All-weather monitoring: Infrared imaging allows effective surveillance during nighttime or low-visibility conditions.

Wide coverage: PTZ functionality enables the camera to rotate and zoom over long distances, providing extensive monitoring coverage.

Precise identification: Combining high-resolution visible light imaging allows accurate identification of targets such as individuals and vehicles.


AI Video Analysis

AI Video Analysis

Bi-spectrum cameras Built-in intelligent video analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. It supports the detection of human/vehicles, and fire points, as well as intelligent behavior analysis based on human/vehicle detection, such as intrusion, alert line crossing, loitering, retrograde movement, people counting, entry and exit area detection, and more.

Long Range Video Surveillance

Long Range Video Surveillance

Our dual-spectrum PTZ cameras, with optical zooms up to 86x and thermal lenses to 150mm, offer unparalleled long-range surveillance. They excel in detection, identification, and tracking, perfect for securing borders, coastlines, and vital assets.

Applications in Border Surveillance

In border security monitoring, the applications of dual-spectrum PTZ cameras include:

Border line patrols: Used for real-time monitoring of the security situation along the border, especially in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

Detection of illegal activities: Detecting illegal border crossings, smuggling, and other unlawful activities during nighttime or adverse weather conditions.

Response to large-scale events: Quickly adjusting monitoring angles and focal lengths during significant crowd movements or other emergency situations for effective response.

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