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Illegal Parking Solution for Fire Lane Blocking


Illegal parking blocking fire lanes is a significant safety concern in urban areas, as it can hinder timely access of firefighting vehicles during emergencies, jeopardizing both lives and property. To address this issue, a video surveillance solution has emerged. This solution combines high-definition camera equipment, intelligent analysis, and real-time alerts to effectively monitor and prevent unauthorized parking, ensuring clear fire lanes for emergency access.


  • Challenges in Technical Oversight: 

    Monitoring unauthorized parking behaviors requires efficient technological means, including camera devices and intelligent analysis. However, deploying and maintaining these technologies might encounter difficulties.

  • Lack of Management: 

    24/7 manual monitoring of fire lanes is challenging. Promptly detecting and locating illegally parked vehicles also presents an urgent challenge for management personnel.

  • Difficulty in Accountability: 

    Relying on staff for around-the-clock manual management is tough. Confirming driver identity after vehicles leave is not easy, and insufficient violation records make post-incident accountability burdensome.

Key Elements of the Solution

  • High-Definition Camera Equipment: Install high-resolution cameras at the entrance of fire lanes to cover the entire lane.

  • Intelligent Analytics Technology: Utilize intelligent analytics techniques such as image recognition and motion detection to monitor illegal parking incidents.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Connect the real-time video feed from the camera equipment to a central monitoring room for 24/7 surveillance.

  • Automatic Alarm: When illegal parking is detected, the system can automatically trigger an alarm, notifying relevant authorities.

  • Remote Control: Monitoring personnel can remotely view the live video feed, assess the situation at the lane entrance, and take necessary actions.

Solution Advantages

Real-Time Response

Real-Time Response

Video monitoring provides real-time image transmission, and intelligent analytics technology can immediately and accurately detect illegal parking, sending alerts to ensure prompt emergency response.

Remote Management

Remote Management

Monitoring personnel can remotely control surveillance devices, effectively managing the situation of fire lanes in a flexible manner.

Evidence Preservation

Evidence Preservation

Surveillance footage can serve as evidence, used to hold those responsible for illegal parking accountable.

Application Scenarios

no-parking-area.jpg Fire-Lane.jpg Fire-Exit.jpg

     No Parking Area      Fire Lane
Fire Exit

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