Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Chain Convenience Store Smart Surveillance Solution


Sunell's solution for chain convenience stores tackles the complexities of physical retail through an advanced video surveillance system enhanced by AI algorithms. This setup is designed to engage and attract customers by understanding and responding to their shopping behaviors. Additionally, Sunell offers an efficient management system that allows for real-time alerts and remote monitoring, ensuring that store operators can address issues promptly and maintain high operational efficiency.

Solution Overview

Comprehensive Surveillance: High-definition monitoring of entryways, storage areas, and cash registers deters criminals and provides evidence for disputes.

Proactive Alarm Deterrence: Automatic audio and visual alarms are triggered to intimidate potential offenders.

Remote Monitoring: View live feeds and recorded footage anytime, anywhere via a mobile app or computer.

Decision Support: Gain insights into customer traffic data to enhance store operational efficiency.

Unified Management: Headquarters can centrally manage surveillance equipment across all stores.


Solution Topology


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