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Surveillance Solution for Smart Factory


Protecting factories and manufacturing facilities is a top priority for entrepreneurs who invest significant time, money, and effort into these valuable assets. To meet this demand, Sunell offers comprehensive factory solutions that help factory owners build multi-layered security systems with advanced intelligent features and a wide range of products.

Sunell's factory solutions provide accurate, visual, and real-time event notifications through a centralized security system, making management convenient for factory owners. Our solutions optimize key areas such as perimeter protection, accident prevention, personnel management, operational monitoring, and access control to better manage factory security.


Solution Functions

Intelligent Surveillance System

Intelligent Surveillance System

Sunell's smart factory solution utilizes HD cameras and network technology for real-time monitoring of various areas within the facility. The monitoring center features advanced video management software, enabling simultaneous display of multiple surveillance screens. This system supports remote monitoring, allowing managers to view factory surveillance footage via mobile or computer devices, ensuring enhanced security and convenient management.

Intelligent Analysis and Alerts

Intelligent Analysis and Alerts

The Smart factory solution employs advanced image processing and AI algorithms to intelligently analyze video data. Through real-time monitoring of the video stream, the system can detect abnormal events such as unauthorized access, equipment faults, fire risks, etc. When anomalies are detected, the system automatically triggers alerts and provides real-time data and warning information, enabling security personnel to take timely actions and mitigate potential security risks.

Flexible management and remote monitoring

Flexible Management and Remote Monitoring

Sunell's smart factory solution offers flexible management and remote monitoring. With our smart surveillance software, you can view factory footage and real-time data anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or computer. Stay informed about factory operations whether in the office, on the go, or at home. Enhance management efficiency and decision-making with this flexible remote monitoring capability for smarter, efficient factory management.

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